Top 3: Best 5 String Bass Under $1000


The world of guitar-fueled music has seen quite a bit of changes over the past few decades, and one of them refers to the popular matter of extended range instruments. Extended range is a neat way to spice up your musical expression with an extra dose of growl or pitch.

This time around, we’ll focus on bass guitars an the power brought by the ground-shattering low end of the fifth string. Also, we’ll focus on the budget range and present you with a top list delving into the following topic – best 5 string bass under $1000. Three choices we have, details below.

Introducing: Best 5 String Bass Under $1000

Squier by Fender Affinity Jazz Bass V String

Squier by Fender Affinity Jazz Bass V String Review

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Kicking it off with a trusty Fender, this bass utilizes an alder body with a classy gloss polyurethane finish, a slim C-shape maple neck with a 9.5 inch radius and a rosewood fingerboard with 20 medium jumbo frets attached to it, along with a standard five-saddle bridge.
In the electronics department, the instrument features a set of two single coil 5-string jazz bass pickups, a couple of volume controls and a master tone knob. The price stands out as one of the top features, and we’ll just say it loud and clear – you won’t find a better versatile five-string bass guitar at this price. That is all.

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As noted, the sound offered by the bass is very versatile, but still classic Fender. It’s groovy, has enough punch and low end to pump things up, but still more than enough brightness and treble to even things out and even get some lead lines going on.

Ibanez SR505BM Soundgear 5-String Bass

Ibanez SR505BM Soundgear 5-String Bass Review -

The following two basses hit the sweet spot with a price of between $500 and $700, but with a quality performance that is on par with many professional instruments out there. Up first – the Ibanez SR505BM.

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The bass utilizes a high-end mahogany body, and a very slim, comfortable and super playable SR5 5pc jatoba + bubinga neck, allowing the player to bring out the best performance with great ease. Also included in the mix is a high-end rosewood fret board with gorgeous abalone oval inlay markers.

In the electronic department, the bass features two active humbucker pickups, a standard 3-band EQ with bass, middle and treble controls, and a frequency switch for great tonal versatility.

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The sound offered by this Ibanez is first and foremost very strong. The signal packs a mean punch and then offers an amazing versatility at an affordable price. You can make this bass roar for metal of fully mellow it down for smooth jazz, and most importantly – it will be absolutely equally efficient in all genres, and that is no mean feat.

Yamaha TRBX505 TBN 5-String Premium Electric Bass Guitar

Yamaha TRBX505 TBN 5-String Premium Electric Bass Guitar Review

Finally, the amazing Yamaha, the ripping TRBX505 model, the best bass guitar under $1000.

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The instrument features a solid mahogany body, and we have to note that cheaper instruments rarely utilize such high-end wood, but this one clearly does. Also, the bass brings in a classy and slim maple/mahogany neck into the game, along with some mean electronics.

In the electronic department, this Yamaha has a set of two very powerful humbucker pickups, plus active-passive electronics to offer the player stellar versatility, very powerful tone signal, and some neat punch on the side.

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Beefy, quite beefy, yet controllable and fairly easy to tone down. This one is more of a rock, blues, and metal bass, so if those genres happen to be your cup of tea, then there is a certain mean Yamaha eagerly awaiting to come into your hands at an affordable price.


If you need a killer bass guitar at an affordable price, these are your choices. We offered you the Fender as the budget option and the remaining two boys as affordable basses that can easily pass as professional gear if played and amplified properly.

Needless to say, you cannot go wrong with these things, you just must know what you really need and then fit those needs with a proper bass. Highly recommended!


  1. I always recommend my students to start with a Squire, because it is such a versatile bass.
    When beginners start out, they have strong opinions about music but they usually don’t actually know what they like, because there is so much for them to discover.

    And a Squire can actually tackle just about any style with more than enough sound quality to satisfy any beginner. So a 5-string version only echoes that sentiment further, as it allows the player to tackle the extended range as well, which is always cool!

  2. That Ibanez is actually a great deal regardless of your preferred genre, it really is a universal instrument. Those active electronics allow you to take just about any turn and shape your sound in any direction you want.
    I don’t mind playing any style, I was pretty much doing just metal and heavy rock when I bought this bass, and now I also play pop and country. Still works like a charm;)

  3. The Squire is an OK cheap alternative for the Fender 5-string, but if you want to make a big investment, get the 5-string Fender Jazz bass, ’cause that thing just roars. My buddy plays it and I could listen to that thing purr in his hands for hours.

  4. 5-string basses are a whole lot about metal if you ask me, and these basses are great for metal.
    They all have that raw punch and very rich low ends. I play the TRBX505 and I’m very pleased with it.
    My band is one the heavy/thrash side of metal, and this guy allows me to easily deal with strong drums and two guitars in the band.

  5. I think it is actually a good idea to start out on a 5-string bass.
    The way music is developing, that extra low end is gaining ever more prominence, and it’s not bad at all for plars to get acquainted with it from the very start.
    Each of these basses looks like a fine deal..

  6. Ibanez guy here – that is indeed one of the best options you can make. I’m thinking about buying a new instrument, but everyone seems to be telling me that this SR is the best Ibanez within the price range of 1000 bucks. Guess I better start saving up for the next level then!

  7. I like how people support the idea of 5-sting basses here.
    The low end has indeed taken prominence in modern music and it is not just metal that needs extended range now.
    If you want to get that bass purr of modern pop or country, a five stringer is something that you will need, so get the idea of 5-string basses being metal instruments out of yer noggin

  8. It’s funny that I got to play each of these basses at some point. Yamaha is the best in my opinion, loved that sound!