Top 3: Best Amp for Acoustic Guitar


When we are dealing with acoustic electric guitars, the process of acquiring the perfect amp is quite different than getting a solid electric guitar amp. There are other factors to consider, and the best choice you can make is to buy a specialized acoustic guitar amplifier. These offer absolutely the best sound and guarantee that the audio output quality will remain absolutely top notch.

We have opted to do the heavy lifting here and sift through the products offered on the web these days in an attempt to bring you the best amp for acoustic guitar. Our quest reeled in three items that strongly stood out, each reigning supreme over its respective budget category. Check ’em out below!

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Fender Acoustasonic 90- 90 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Kicking things off with a trusty Fender, we bring you the Acoustasonic 90, one of the best acoustic gutiar amps that comes with a fair and affordable mid-range price tag.

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The device sports a set of two channels that allow you to use a guitar and a mic at the same time. Additionally, you can plug in an Mp3 player through the AUX port and play along to your favorite tracks. Also included in the mix is the company’s smart feedback elimination circuit which will tame all the shrill tones and any unwanted feedback to absolute zero.

The amp is incredibly light for a 90-watt machine, sporting total size of 9.8 x 15.4 x 19.4 inches and a weight of just 18 pounds. The device comes with the company’s 5 year transferable warranty. If you are interested in getting a little something extra, you can always invest into a separate two-button footswitch to get additional sonic possibilities.

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The sound is quite easy to adjust to just about any musical genre of your choice. Whether you are on the gritty side of rock ‘n’ roll or you like your acoustic guitar mellow and free of fuzz, you can adjust this Fender to any vibe you want.

90 watts of power is also a surprisingly large figure, meaning that you can use this fella for just about any band rehearsal, and even for life shows. For the listed price, that is a very good deal, leaving us with no choice but to give this guy a thumbs up.

Fishman Loudbox Mini Acoustic Instrument Amplifier

Up next is the more pricey option and arguably the best amplifier on the list. It comes from Fishman and it goes by the name of Loudbox. Surprisingly strong, surprisingly high end, surprisingly awesome, this is a serious contestant to consider if the budget sounds right.

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The amp sports 60 watts of power delivered through a single 6.5 inch woofer speaker and a single 1 inch tweeter. It offers a set of two channels – Instrument & Microphone, along with audio effects such as the digital reverb and chorus.

Also included in the mix is an AUX input and a balanced XLR output (1/4″ and 1/8″). The manufacturer also included a phase switch to cut down the unwanted audio feedback. More standard sonic controls include a three band EQ with bass, middle, and treble control knobs.

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Loud and oh so crystal clear. This amp can take any guitar you plug in, whether it’s a $100 cheap thing or a $2,000 pro instrument, and take it to the next level, or at least to the peak of its possibilities. If you know how to adjust the controls to fit your needs to a tee, you are bound to really kick things off with this amp. Quite possibly the best value for money on the list, despite being the most expensive item.


In the budget friendly domain, we would like to kindly draw your attention to the Behringer Ultracoustic AT 108 amp, the best cheap acoustic guitar amp on the market. And the looks are actually quite gorgeous, possibly the prettiest thing on the list, but that’s more up to your personal taste.

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This is a dual channel acoustic instrument amplifier that packs a 15 watt punch delivered through a single 8 inch Bugera speaker. It offers a wide frequency response and an additional mic input with separate volume control. Also included in the mix is the VTC Virtual Tube Circuitry that secures a tube-like sound, which is nothing short of amazing for an item this cheap.

Standard controls include a three-band EQ for precise sonic shaping. The product sports total dimensions of 12.7 x 6.4 x 14.1 inches and a fairly light weight of 11.7 pounds. The vintage looks are bound to charm anyone, and you should not feel guilty at all if the pretty looks are what draws you to make the big purchase, because this dude really deserves it. A killer bang for the buck.

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Versatile is the word of the day here yet again. Depending on the sound adjustments you decide to make, this guy can easily adjust to all of your needs. Sure, it isn’t powerful as the first two guys, and it is not as crisp and crystal clear, but for the listed budget, we have to say we are thoroughly impressed nevertheless. What is the best beginner acoustic guitar amp on the market, you ask? Well, this guy right here, no doubt about it!


Thus, in a nutshell, these three boys stand firmly as the top three contenders for the title of the best amp for acoustic guitar. They all offer a quality audio output, a very good bang for the buck, strong durability and reliability, and even sport some cool looks.

Now it just comes down to the matter of you jotting down your exact needs, preferences, and perhaps most importantly – your available spending budget. Once that is out of the way, you can freely pick your favorite from the items listed above and take your acoustic guitar sound and performance to the next level. Highly recommended, nothing but a big thumbs up from here!