Top 3: Best Bass Amp Under $500


If you are an intermediate player, or even a pro who isn’t demanding as far as amp power is considered, $500 is a budget that should do a fine job in covering your needs. We are mostly talking combo amps and items that won’t cover your back during arena shows, but if you don’t plan on having those any time soon, you’ll do just fine.

Thus, in a nutshell, gaze your eyes upon our picks of the finest bass guitar amp in the budget friendly category to find out what is the best bass amp under $500. We’ve narrowed it down to three picks, each one better than the last.

We Invite You to Check Out the Best Bass Amp Under $500

Fender Rumble 200 v3

Fender Rumble 200 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier Review


We’ll kick things off with a trusty Fender, the ole Rumble series and the 200 model.

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The amp delivers a very strong output of 200 watts, which is capable of covering your back for the majority of smaller and medium sized venues. Apart from a classic Fender styling, case and front grille, the amp utilizes a freshly developed overdrive circuit, along with a switchable Contour control to deliver an extra dose of grittiness, edge and even sharpness for slap bass parts. The amp is very light and portable and features a removable grille option.

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It’s nothing but classic Fender stuff here – the amp is reliable and delivers a bass-rich tone with all the necessary frequencies well covered. The treble section stands out with exceptional brightness, while the remainder of sonic segments does a great job of keeping the sound output well rounded.

Ampeg BA115v2

Ampeg BA115v2 1 x 15-Inch Combo Bass Amplifier Review

Up next is a very strong youg lad known as Ampeg BA115. This thing is beefy, powerful and sturdy, and a fine choice for any rock and metal players out there. A list of specs reads as follows.

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Apart from the rugged, yet lightweight design, the amp has a single input channel with a -15 dB switch, along with a set of standard Volume, Bass, Middle and Treble control knobs. The item offers extra tonal versatility with a string of interesting functions, including Ultra Hi and Ultra Low boosts, an AUX input with AUX Level control, and a brand new Scrambler overdrive circuit that allows you boost your bass guitar into a mean metal machine with Drive and Blend control knobs.

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The sound is mostly suited for rock and metal players, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Although versatility is present, it is the rock ‘n’ roll kingdom where this baby shines the most. When the Overdrive function is included, the tone can be very rugged, yet natural and subtle, just like you want it. The ultimate rock and metal amp under $500? It just might be.

Gallien-Krueger MB115-II 200W

Gallien-Krueger MB115-II 200W 1x15 Combo Bass  Amp Review - Music futures

Finally, up on the top, and on the very limit of our budget range, the almighty Gallien-Krueger MB115-II. This 200 watt bass amp delivers a tremendous load of power and great versatility. It’s the winner of this list, and a well-deserved one.

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The amp utilizes 200 watts of power delivered through a single 15 inch Paragon Driver, a very sturdy casing and strong construction, a horn option, a four-band EQ, an XLR out, a headphone jack, an AUX in, and a contour switch.

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The sound is really something, it is very powerful for the listed number of watts, and very easy to control in every aspect. That would be the key feature of this thing – not only does it give you power, but it’s the type of power you can get a hold of and control, rather than just letting it scramble everything and eat up the sonic space of your band-mates. For that reason alone, it deserves a spot among the best.


Slowly bringing the article to the end of the line, we would like to point out that you cannot go wrong with these three amps. They are all fine choices if the listed budget and the given descriptions suit your needs.

Therefore, ask yourself what you really need, and if the answer matches the descriptions given here, we wholeheartedly recommend checking these amps out.


  1. OK choices I guess, but as a rock bassist I’d like to see a Trace Elliot somewhere around here.
    And that’s not just my opinion, I know plenty of rock bassist who hail Elliot as the best thing ever!

  2. Not too sure about the last pick (never heard of the company to be perfectly honest), but the first two choices – Fender and Ampeg – hit the nail in the head. If you can’t afford a $1500-$2000 Mark Bass, go with these two, you really won’t regret the purchase…

  3. For those who don’t know who Gallien-Krueger guys are – Google it, it’ll be worth your time. It’s really a hidden gem, and they prove that your don’t need a big name to get a great sound. Props to the author(s) for putting a GK on the list!