Top 3 Best Bass Guitars Under $500


Much like so many different domains out there, the world of musical instruments is a quite saturated marked, hence it offers some great deals at an affordable price. We’ll focus on electric bass guitars today in search of the answer to what is the best bass guitar for under $500.

The search will take us across several renowned manufacturers whose products you should most definitely consider. What we focused on first and foremost is to bring you quality sound at an affordable price. We also took durability and even pretty looks into consideration. But enough chit-chat, the rundown awaits below.

What Is the Best Bass Guitar for Under $500

– Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass ’70s

Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass 70s - MusicFutures -

Many experts see Squier basses are a synonym for best beginner bass guitars on today’s market, hence it was pretty expected to see one of their products on the list. Specifically, we opted for their Vintage Modified Jazz Bass ’70s as a great mixture of killer features and an affordable price.

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The instrument consists of a soft maple body packed with a set of two traditional single coil jazz magnets with great versatility. It’s a four-string bass with 20 frets placed on a vintage tinted gloss neck with distinctive black block inlays. It’s an amazing mixture of quality and price and many satisfied users have pointed out that this baby offers the same amount of sound quality as some far more expensive instruments.

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Punchy, warm and loaded with the low end. The sonic output of this Squier bass is commonly described as “traditional jazz sound,” although it is in fact much, much more. Fender jazz basses are used by many musicians from different genres, whether it’s pop, funk, rock, country, blues or even heavy metal. This instrument fits all those styles to a tee, and that says something.

– Epiphone EB-3 Electric Bass Guitar

Epiphone EB-3 Electric Bass Guitar, 2 Pickups - MusicFutures

This Epiphone model is possibly the best bass guitar for beginner rock players. It has a classic rock look and a sound to match the vibe. Sturdy, strong, good looking, and quite affordable – what more is there to ask?

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The bass has a 34-inch scale with 22 frets distributed across a fine rosewood fretboard. The body, as well as the neck are fully made from mahogany, a high-end material used for far more expensive instruments, and delivers a smooth, yet punchy sound.

Also included in the mix are two NYT Bass mini-humbucker pickups loaded with groove. The item is available in cherry and ebony color patterns. However, a mere glance at reviews from a sea of satisfied customers suggests that an affordable price is what makes this bass stand out the most. And indeed, an instrument of such high quality is very rare to find for a price this low. In our humble opinion, if you need an amazing bass guitar for your collection, order Epiphone EB-e now.

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The sound is surprisingly rich and perfect for rock players with a developed thumping technique. Think Andy Fraser of Free or John Deacon of Queen, or just about any bonafide classic rock bass master and you should get a clear picture. Overall, the sonic output is warm, packed with low end frequencies and a solid amount of middles and a fitting amount of treble and brightness to give it a neat shape. A thumbs up from us, for sure.

– Ibanez GSR200 4-String Electric Bass

Ibanez GSR200 4-String Electric Bass Walnut Flat finish Rosewood fretboard - MusicFutures

Rounding up our little rundown, we bring you the Ibanez GSR200, possibly the most versatile instrument on the list with an equally affordable price. It’s a beautiful piece packed to the gills with some neat specs.

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The bass consist of an agathis body, a one-piece slim maple neck and a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets. The sound is delivered through one single-coil and one split-coil pickup, which allows the aforementioned versatility. It’s an active bass with a three-band EQ and an additional PHAT-II Bass Boost function. The mix is rounded up with a set of chromed hardware, gig bag is not included.

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Metal, rock, funk, jazz, blues, pop – this thing covers it all. It’s a perfect beginner bass guitar for young players who are uncertain about the type of music they want to play. This instrument allows them to jam what they like until they find out what they really like, and then stick to it on the very same instrument. Sounds convenient, now doesn’t it?


These three fine instruments are definitely top picks for best bass guitars under $500. They deliver a great groove suitable for a vast array of genres ranging from funk to heavy metal. Versatile, sturdy and high quality, they can last you for ages and even serve you as cool recording instruments if backed up by proper processing gear. Get one today, it just might improve you as a musician, and there’s hardy any harm in that.


  1. While that Ibanez is all fine and dandy, I thing that Ibanez ATK300 (or ATK305 if you’re more of a 5-stringer) fits this description better. It can be yours for $400 from the right seller and it really sounds amazing. It has a three-way switch to make significant tonal alteration. Combine that with a 3-band EQ and you’re in for a treat!

  2. I think that any beginner musician should pick one of the se basses, or something along these lines.

    I’ve been a guitar instructor for 5 years now and while I understand that for the majority of us there is a massive difference between $200 and $500, you can really get a top quality bass for $500, the one that will serve you very well for 10 years or even as your permanent instrument.

    Sure, you might end up giving up on playing, BUT if you don’t then you’ve just started with a better instrument and you can stick to it till the end. Think about it!:)

  3. Can’t go wrong with a Squier. In my experience, they either give a solid sound that makes them worth the cheap price, or they absolutely blow you away with something you never expected.
    My buddy got a bass that sounds as good as my Fender Jazz Bass, and he paid $150 for it. 150 bucks, and this thing I have is price at $2000!

  4. Good choices in general, I’d add a Jackson Concert Bass for fans of hard n’ heavy sound or full blown metal, as well as this hidden gem I have in store – Justin Jazz Bass.
    It’s a Fender Jazz Bass copy that really blew me away. You can get it for like $100 and it sounds like a $400 bass easy. At least the one that I got a hold of did:))