Top 3 Best Cheap Guitar Pedals


A lot of people say that you can’t get killer gear without lots of money, and to an extent, we agree. But, every rule has its exceptions after all, and we went in a frantic pursuit of those exception in the guitar pedal domain, as we sifted through today’s market and singled out the best cheap guitar pedals.

These fellas belong to different domains and offer drastically different sounds, but they all have one thing in common nevertheless – an amazing value for money. So feel free to join us for a brief rundown below.

Find the best cheap guitar pedals

Joyo Jf-10 Dynamic Compressor Guitar AMP Effect Pedal True Bypass

We’ll kick things off with an amazing compression pedal known as the Joyo JF 10. In the day and age of modern technology we live in, compression has become a crucial tool for acquiring that top notch sound. Although somewhat notorious for the loudness wars issue, compression is still an incredibly powerful effect if utilized properly.

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The device features a set of basic stuff like input, output, and the on/off button, along with a total of three control knobs – Sustain, Level, and Attack. You might think that the number of sonic tweaks is limited with just three controls, but there’s a very good chance you will not be needing absolutely anything else. The item comes with total size of 4.6 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches, and a light weight of 10.2 ounces.

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In the audio segment, the device does a very good job if you are looking to achieve a middle section fueled sound, packed with strong mids and punchy basses. In this case, the pedal will cut out the unwanted peaks in the middle section surprisingly well, leaving you with a clear, yet super strong output. In other options, the pedal offers a solid performance as well.

Boss DS1 Distortion Guitar Pedal

Up next we’d like to introduce you to the best cheap distortion pedal on the market today – the Boss DS1.

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The device features a very rugged and sturdy construction in that sweet orange casing, along with a set of three basic control knobs – Tone, Level, and Dist.

To explain what the knobs do – Level determines the amount of distortion effect infused into your output signal, Tone decides the sonic frequencies that are injected with the strongest dist punch, and Dist sets up the overall grittiness. If you’re a light rocker, keep it low; if you are a metalhead, crank it to 11 – it’s that simple.

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For the listed price, the audio output of this fella is nothing short of top-notch. The control knobs give you enough sonic versatility to bounce between rock and metal, and if that sounds like your thing, by all means proceed further. If you want more versatility and extra subtle tweaks, we advise checking out one of the two lads below.

Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone Analog Chorus

Finally, the best cheap chorus on the market – the Electro Harmonix Neo Clone.

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With just a single Rate control knob and Depth control switch, the pedal does everything it’s supposed to by bringing you a strong chorus effect. The device utilizes a high quality bucket brigade chip and the renowned Small Clone circuit, delivering some truly stellar results for the specified budget range.

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As noted, the control knobs are very basic. However, the pedal delivers killer performance with just about any setup, and that is a characteristic only the greats have. Those greats typically have a very high price tag, leaving us quite surprised about this little fella. If you want a top-notch mid-range chorus at a budget friendly price, look no further that the Neo Clone Analog.


So, these are the best cheap guitar pedals on the market today. We are not sure if they suit your needs and playing style, but rest assured that if they do, you can pick any of them up and get a sound quality on par with much more expensive devices.

So jot down your needs, preferences and spending budget, and enrich your musical journey with on of these bad boys as early as today. Top notch stuff, highly recommended!


  1. I love cheap pedals like this that offer a good sound! They give you a really strong feel of what that type of effect gives, and you can even use them in pro surrounding if you know how, yet they cost like $30. Frigging 6 cups of coffee! I always advise my students to experiment with things like this!

  2. Electro Harmonix is the greatest pedal company to emerge in recent times.

    I don’t have anything against Boss, but I think EH deserve to be on top of the pedal world, with Boss up at next at No 2, and not the other way around as it is today…

  3. I see no point in buying cheap pedals, they all sound like crap to me.
    Why not just invest that money into a better amp or something?