Top 3: Best DAW for Electronic Music


If you happen to be an electronic musician of producer, you are probably well aware that your genre of choice is not similar to a vast array of other styles out there, meaning that you will have to take a different approach on a variety of fronts to acquire that top sound you are yearning for.

For this jolly occasion, we will focus on the matter of digital audio workstation as we venture on a journey to find the best DAW for electronic music. We did our absolute best, and in our humble opinion, these three strapping lads are your best options.

Name the best DAW for electronic music

Ableton Live 9 Suite Ableton Live 9 Suite Multi-Track Audio Recording with Sound Library

We’ll kick things off with the best trick we have in our book for electronic music – the Ableton Live 9. This guy is packed with all sorts of nifty features aimed at electro musicians, allowing you to focus on your style without having to own the unnecessary stuff for other genres.

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The product features a set of multi-track audio recording options at up to 32-bit 192 kHz. It is surprisingly powerful for MIDI sequencing and creative work, utilizing software and hardware instruments, along with an advanced warping and real time time stretching function, a capability of racking up to 16 tracks and 8 scenes per track, and a total of 3 software instruments, 4 sound library packs, and 26 audio effects.


After mere hours of using the Ableton Live 9, you will notice that many of the listed features operate extremely well within the electronica realm, making this item at least twice more valuable for the electro folk, which is no mean feat.

Propellerhead Reason 8 (Music Recording & Production Studio)

Up next is one of the best digital audio workstations on today’s market, regardless of your preferred style, simply because it dominates in every aspect. We are of course talking about the almighty Propellerhead Reason 8.

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The item comes with an unlimited number of MIDI and audio, a plethora of different audio effects and musical instruments, a pro large format mixing console with no hidden menus, and an option to expand in sonic terms with hundreds of different rack extensions. For the listed price, this is the absolute top item you can acquire.


As far as performance goes, if you have a solid computer, this chap will run as smooth as you can only imagine. The vast number of sonic adjustments makes it stand out as one of the few DAWs that require no additional tweaks and significant plug-in adjustments. Everything is ready right out of the box, leaving us with no choice but to highly recommend this product as one of the top devices on the list.

Image Line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition

We’ll wrap things up with a fine representative of Image Line – the versatile Fruity Loops Studio 12.

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The item sports a set of pro tools for audio editing and adjusting such as pitch shifting, pitch correction, time stretching, harmonization, beat-detection and beat slicing, audio warping and standard audio manipulation. The package No. 12 has the ability to capture all the inputs on the user’s audio interface at the same time, while boasting a rich set of over 32 software synthesizers such as the renowned Sytrus and Maximus.

Additionally, the device’s Producer Edition comes with lifetime updates, with an included installer on a separate USB drive.


Versatility, lots of it. If you like to incorporate different elements of other genres into your electronica songs, and do so at an affordable price, you should most definitely consider Fruity Loops. There is plenty of room for all sorts of audio treats, as long as you take the time and study all the elements included in the package.


In a nutshell, these are your absolute best options if you are searching for the best DAW for electronic music. Each of the listed workstations stands out with a set of nifty features and plenty of variations aimed specifically at the electro genre, allowing you to craft your trade and perfect your delivery to the max. They all guarantee the best value for money and they all simply will not fail you.

Now it’s just a matter of you sitting down to determine your spending budget and personal preferences, all with the goal of picking the perfect angel here. Check ’em all out, highly recommended!


  1. I go with Ableton, I tried several other options, Image Line included, and I think Ableton is the best because of contols.
    The sound is great, but a few other manufacturers have also reached that level IMO. However, controlling this thing is such a breeze, I love it because of that!