Top 3 Best DJ Controllers for Beginners


If you are looking to delve into the exciting realm of DJ work, there are two things you will need – a gift to pick the right tune at the right time, and some quality equipment to channel the vibe.

For the prerequisite No. 1, there’s isn’t really much that we can do, but for the second requirement, we can offer you some of the best beginner DJ controllers money can buy. With a fine piece of gear in your hands, all the frustrations caused by technical defects are out of the way and you can fully focus on forging your craft. This is what we’d like to answer:

What Are the Best DJ Controllers for Beginners?

Pioneer DDJ-SB Performance DJ Controller

We’ll kick it off with a trusty Pioneer. This is a device that offers all the basic functions in an effective manner, but still goes an extra mile and packs a set of advanced features to spice up the mix.

This DJ controller utilizes a set of two channels with an included Serato DJ Intro software, as well as an onboard sound card. Large jog wheels allow precise mixing and scratching, while the USB power feature takes the convenience to a new level. The four rubber performance pads per deck are placed to provide the user with Manual Loop, Hot Cue, Sampler, and Auto Loop functions.

Additionally, the Filter Fade function has also been added to allow smooth blending transitions when you feel like using a cross fader. The product is quite sturdy and not likely to break, so if you need something to take to rough clubs, the DDJ SB Performance is the pick for you.

Numark Mixtrack II USB DJ Controller with Trigger Pads

Up next is the budget friendly option and quite possibly the best cheap DJ controller in the world on today’s market – the Numark Mixtrack. Packed with everything you need, the device does an incredible job in delivering the groove.

The item features a set of touch-sensitive control wheels, along with 16 rubber drum pads for loops, cue points, triggering samples and more. Also included in the mix are dedicated EQ and FX controls to ensure extra control over the mix, along with a Virtual DJ LD and a Numark Remix Toolkit download.

Additional functions include Sample Mode, Loop Mode, Hot Cue Mode, and 16 dedicated effects controls that allow the used to add echo, phaser, flanger and similar audio effects.

16 backlit rubber drum pads with Loop Mode, Sample Mode, and Hot Cue Mode

Touch-activated illuminated platters for precise scratching and control

16 dedicated effects controls to add and manipulate flanger, phaser, echo, and more

Reloop BEATMIX4 Track Controller Bundled with Serato DJ

Finally, the best option if you have a few extra bucks to spare, and quite possibly the best DJ controller for beginners. This Reloop device steps into the pro league and offers a set of advanced functions that will please not only the beginners, but intermediate and pro DJs as well.

The controller features a four-Deck SERATO performance PAD controller, a 16x multi-color drum pads for triggering the device’s Loop, Sample, and Hot Cue modes. The looks are also very sleek and elegant, but it’s the vast array of features that makes this device really stand out. It’s a bigger investment than the remaining items on the list, but it offers so much more.

Additionally, the controller’s integrated audio interface provides all the connections you need – two headphone connections for monitoring, a single mic input with a separate volume control, as well as an RCA output to connect your speakers. Deliver the goods in style, get a Reloop today.


So if you are wondering what are the best DJ controllers for beginners, the answer just might be one of these four lads. Each of these devices offers top-notch performance for the listed price, they are all very user-friendly and most importantly – they are all very reliable. If the given description suits you, it’s up to narrowing down the choice based on your personal preferences, but these devices are all a choice you cannot regret.


  1. Not sure about Pioneer being beginner friendly, I think they stuff is more for advanced guys like myself. The Reloop model you offered on the other hand is a fine choice for beginners, so at least you got something right lol