Top 3: Best Electric Guitar Cable


If you want to deliver an amazing guitar performance, there are a few of those very basic things you will need apart of knowing how to play. First off, you will need a guitar. Then, you will need an amp. But to connect these two, you will need – you guessed it – a cable.

Although many people take a stance that any cable we do, we kinda beg to differ. Sure, in the given moment a lot of cables will get the job done, but in the long run, there are plenty of factors to consider here. Therefore, we have decided to sift through today’s market and bring you the best electric guitar cable. Our quest was a fruitful one, as we have these three models to proudly present you with.

What is the best guitar cable?

Hosa Cable GTR210 Guitar Instrument Cable – 10 Foot

Kicking things off with a budget friendly option, we bring you the Hosa Cable GTR 210, an affordable cable that does the job on all fronts, and still offers you some extra reliability and durability, as long as you treat it right of course.

The cable features a total length of 10 feet (3 m), along with a set of straight to same connectors, and a 24 AWG OFC conductor. Also included in the mix is a standard 90% OFC Braid shield. The package of this fella has total dimensions of 8 x 1 x 7 inches, and a light shipping weight of 2.4 ounces.

The cable does a fine job in conducting the signal from your instrument, and will easily serve you well for at least 6 months of constant use. Treat it right and take care of it, and we’re easily talking few years of semi regular gigs.

VOX VCC090RD 29.5-Feet Vintage Coiled Right Angle Stereo Guitar Instrument Cable, Red

If you are in old school type of vibe, or if you simply appreciate that coiled cables are less prone to break. Also, they have killer looks that just scream vintage style. Sure, those looks aren’t bound to be loved by everyone, but if you a fan of the coiled style, the Vox VCC090RD is you perfect match.

The cable utilizes a set of multi gauge conductors that secure an optimum performance at all sonic frequencies, the top grade 99.99% purity oxygen free copper cable conductors to enhance sound quality, along with maximum noise isolation delivered through the use of two separate shields.

The device also offers premium quality abrasion resistant high temperature PVC jacket for extra durability, as well as precision machined gold plated connectors featuring one-piece tip for top conductivity, durability and reliability.

Asterope AST-B20-RSN Pro Stage Series 20-Feet Right to Straight Instrument Cable

Finally, the best guitar cable on the market, the one and only Asterope AST B20 RSN Pro Stage. Proving that high end cables can really make a difference, this item is crafted by using the top quality conductive materials that deliver optimization of the electron flow in your instrument’s signal path.

Also included in the mix is the manufacturer’s renowned proprietary wiring and production methods. Made right in the US of A, the cable is very sturdy, it offers better conduction of your performance, and extended durability.

Just holding this cable in your hands makes it very clear that you’re dealing with a top-quality product. The jacks are pretty much the best models you can get today, and they will last you a very, very long time. The product comes with total dimensions of 12 x 9 x 2 inches, and a light shipping weight of 1.4 pounds. You wanted the best, you got it! If you’re looking to make a bigger investment into quality cables, buy an Asterope today.

Conclusion – Best electric guitar cable

Overall, these three picks easily stand out as products that you simply cannot regret purchasing. They all deliver a great bang for the buck, meaning that the final step of this journey would be that you jot down your exact spending budget, personal preferences and needs. Once we have that out of the way, feel free to take the big step and purchase one of these bad boys as early as today. Highly recommended, a big thumbs up from here!