Top 3: Best Fender Telecaster for the Money


Fender Telecaster stands out as one of those classic guitar models you typically cannot go wrong with. However, there’s much more Tele guitars on the market that you might initially think.

We are talking about a major brand, hence it is perfectly normal that a vast array of items is available. Therefore, we’ll provide you with the rundown of best Fender Telecaster guitars for the money in three categories. Within each of the given budget ranges, these are the best six-strings you can buy.

Find Out What is the Best Fender Telecaster for Money

Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster

Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster Review

We’ll kick it off with an affordable option, the best cheap Telecaster in the world. As you might have expected, it comes from the masters of quality affordable guitars – Squire.

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The guitar utilizes a strong alder body with a sleek gloss polyurethane finish, a comfortable maple neck with a 9.5 inch radius, a classic maple fingerboard with a total of 21 medium jumbo frets, and a six-saddle top-load bridge. In the electronic department, the six string features a set of two single-coil pickups, along with a volume knob, a single tone knob and a three-position pickup selector switch.

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The sound is classic Tele in an affordable package, meaning that if you run this one through a high-quality amp, the crowd might never tell the difference. The sound is bright and warm, with a mellow mid section and a subtle low end. It’s ideal for rock and blues music.

Fender Standard Telecaster

Fender Standard Telecaster, Maple Fretboard Review

In the mid-section price range, we bring you the classic goods. They don’t say that you can’t go wrong with classic stuff for nothing. The Standard Tele delivers that globally renowned sound in a regular package, nothing more and nothing less. And to be fair, you usually won’t need anything more.

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The guitar comes with a modern C-shaped neck, a solid maple body, along with a maple neck and fretboard to ensure that iconic sound. It has a 9.5 inch fretboard radius and a set of 21 medium jumbo frets, along with a six-saddle strings thru body classic Tele bridge that ensures quality string height adjustments. The guitar is available in a vast array of colors and finishes, the following seven patterns to be precise:

  • Arctic White
  • Black
  • Brown Sunburst
  • Candy Apple Red
  • Lake Placid Blue
  • Portland Orange
  • Midnight Wine

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It’s the real deal. The electronic department utilizes a set of two single-coil pickups that ensure a bright and worm audio output with plenty of versatility. This makes the Standard Tele perfectly suitable for rock, blues, pop, and country music.

Fender American Special Telecaster

Fender American Special Telecaster, Maple Fretboard Review

Finally, the pricey option, and pretty much the best Fender Telecaster for the money – the American Special Tele. It’s basically the improved version of the Standard model that is well worth the investment.

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The guitar features an alder body, a comfortable maple satin finished neck with a 9.5 inch radius fingerboard and a set of 21 jumbo frets. It’s available in two colors – 3 Tone Sunburst and Olympic White – and comes with a classic Tele look and vibe.

In the electronic department, the American Special features a set of two single-coil Texas Special Tele pickups that really pick it up a notch by making the sound more expressive and boosting it with extra power.

Also included in the mix is the Grease bucket tone circuit that rolls off high frequencies without adding any unwanted bass, as well as a deluxe Fender gig bag to sweeten the deal.

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Classic bright and warm Tele, but more well-rounded, powerful and punchy. The guitar still retains all the sonic aspects you’d expect from a Fender Telecaster, but takes them to a new level.

This is the best Fender Telecaster guitar you can find on the market, so if a trusty Tele is your kind of thing and you’re willing to make the investment, don’t hesitate about buying this model. Highly recommended!


And that about wraps it up, ladies and gentlemen! If you want to get the best bang for the buck with the money you’re planning to invest into your new Tele, these three models are by all means the best Fender Telecaster guitars for the money. Now it’s just a matter of determining the specific budget you can invest – once that  is done, feel free to buy any of these boys, it’s a decision you can’t and won’t regret.


  1. Oh man that American Special is a dream of mine, I jammed it at my local music store so many times that I’m kinda embarrassed to step in there after asking to play it so many times and not buying it 😀
    If you are a Tele man and you can afford this puppy, man don’t even think about those second thoughts, just go in for the kill, I know I would!

  2. I started out with a Squier Tele, even though my music snob friends told me how it’s a worthless piece of crap. At the time, I wanted a Tele, I couldn’t afford the real deal and I was even kinda shy for owning it.
    Now I say screw those guys, cause this is a good guitar! It really is, it has served me amazingly well over the years and while the transition to a bonafide classic Fender Tele was a quantum jump, the Squier is still a fine six-string.
    So if you’re a beginner, don’t let the haters get to you, it’s about your sound and not about a few letters on your guitar’s headstock!

  3. In my opinion, you can’t beat the standard tele.
    The sound just screams bruce springsteen to me, and there are probably other music fans who associate it with other icons as well. i like how subtle a tele can be and create great music without all the fuzz and buzz. an elegant guitar is what it is really..

  4. I played both the Standard and the American Special and I have to say I can’t really see THAT much of a difference. They’re both miles above that Squier though…

  5. I read some comments here and I gotta say – American Special is the best damn Tele money can buy! Seriously folks, you cannot beat it. If you saw your favorite musician rocking a Tele and you want that sound, American Special is your ticket to paradise.

  6. It has that extra amount of punch to make it stand out, but it’s still not overdoing it and creating that horrid modern sonic overload

  7. You know how modern Gibsons are crap? Well, Teles still rock, and that is why I always choose Fender. No matter what model we’re talking about – Strat, Tele, you name it – newer guitars still pack that classic punch, unlike Gibsons.

  8. Received my Tele yesterday – no issues at all. I had some worries about ordering a guitar online, but Amazon proved me wrong as my Tele came in perfect shape and form. I’ve hardly dropped it for 24 hours now lol

  9. Do you know what Fred Gretsch said when Telecaster was introduced?
    “That thing will never sell”. Haha, was we wrong! 😀

  10. These are all solid guitars, but I invite all of you guys to try the Modern Player Tele. It’s like the best of the two worlds – vintage and high-tech stuff from today.
    The technology has really advanced since these guitars were originally made and it’s a bit silly to deny that many cool improvements could have been made. And the Modern Player really hits the sweet spot in my opinion.

  11. Squier player here.
    And while I’m a newbie, I have to say I’m quite pleased with my first guitar.
    My dad recommended it to me since I love the Stones and he’s a musician too, so it’s not like I randomly chose it. My dad also says that this guitar makes much less buzz and noise than other cheaper guitars. All I can say is that I’ve been practicing a lot and loving it:)