Top 3: Best Guitar Amp Under 300


In order to find the best value for money in the realm of guitar amplifiers, one does not have to look among pricey models, but among the budget friendly bunch. Cheaper devices of this niche frequently tend to deliver an amazing punch, power and sound output quality for the listed price, making them an amazingly good buy, a genuine steal if you will.

In our humble opinion, that sweet spot is just under the $300 price mark, which led us to embark on a journey to find the best guitar amp under $300. The quest was a fruitful one, resulting in three top quality models you should most definitely check out. They patiently await below.

What is the best guitar amp under $300?


We’ll get the party started with an actual tube amp, the amazing Bugera BC 15. Packing an incredible punch, this fella will give you much more than the small price tag indicates.

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The amp offers high versatility, delivering a mean mixture raw power by utilizing a hand-selected 12AX7 tube. It packs a distinctive vintage design and delivers a classy guitar sound, offering 30 watts of power, tube power that it.

This means at least about three times more power than the same wattage from a solid state amp, making the Bugera rather loud and powerful. The audio output is delivered via an 8 inch vintage tuned guitar speaker.

The amp offers a two channel preamp with wide gain control that allows you to deliver crunchy and mega fat sounds with just about any pickup type. The mix also includes is a dedicated two-band EQ plus mid shift button for extra sonic snapping.

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What we have here is old school punch and crunch. Very organic and natural for the listed price, the BC 15 is one amazing guitar amplifier. It is quite versatile and very much suitable for any musical style out there. In a nutshell, it’s as close to the pro realm a small amp can take you.

Marshall MG30CFX MG Series 30-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

Up next, we have a trusty Marshall, the ultimate rock guitar amplifier, coming directly from the company tightly associated with the sound of some of the greatest guitar players the world has ever known. For this occasion, we have opted for the MG30CFX model as a cheap, yet very powerful and high-quality device.

If you are a rocker, keep your eyes peeled for this one, as we are talking about the company that has helped shape rock ‘n’ roll as we know it, and that is absolutely no mean feat.

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The amp offers 30 watts of power delivered through a single 10 inch combo speaker. It sports a set of four programmable channels, as well as a pack of on-board guitar effects and an MP3 input to help you jam along to your favorite tracks. The item comes with total dimensions of 18.9 x 8.8 x 16.5 inches, and a bit of a chunky weight of 23.8 pounds.

The amp comes with a single input, and offers the following control knobs – Gain for crunch and punch control, standard EQ settings in terms of Bass, Middle and Treble knobs, Reverb control, FX adjustments, Volume knob, and Master control.

The product’s casing is very strong and sturdy, meaning that the little Marshall here is more than capable of taking a few punches during transport or due to frequent use. Needless to say, higher durability also results in the slightly above average weight listed beforehand.

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In the sonic department, the amp is a rock ‘n’ roller, not a hint of doubt about it. When utilized with a proper rock guitar and maybe a pedal or two, you will absolutely get yourself that iconic rock extravaganza Marshall is known for. Lots of punch and crunch, crystal clear cleans, and that legendary fuzz.

Line 6 Spider IV 15 15-watt 1×8 Modeling Guitar Amplifier


The masters of modeling amps are up next, the one and only Line 6. If you prefer the modern modeling technology and the convenience of digital realm, the Spider IV is your top pick for the listed budget.

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The amp delivers 15 watts of power through a single 8 inch custom speaker tucked within a 3/4 closed back cabinet. This Line 6 device sports a pack of four dialed in amp models, giving you the freedom to craft and save four completely different amp settings with different amp models and different effect, gain, and EQ settings.

Also included in the mix is a pack of six smart effects based on renowned studio effects and stomp-box pedals. These include flanger, tremolo, chorus, phaser, tape and sweep echoes, reverb, and many more. Just to make it clear, you can utilize two different effects at the same time.

More standard audio settings include control knobs for bass, middle, treble, drive, channel volume, and master volume. For extra versatility and convenience, you can use FBV foot controllers to add just about any effect from wah to tap tempo and volume control. The mix also includes a chromatic tuner, a standard 1/4 inch input, a 1/4 inch headphones input, an 1/8 inch input for CD or Mp3 players, and a FBV controller jack.

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This is the most versatile amp on the list, as the listed features clearly indicate. If you like your music all over the place in stylistic terms, choose Line 6.


We have steadily reached the very end of our journey here, and awe can confidently say that each of the listed boys strongly stands out as a serious contender for the flattering title of the best guitar amp under $300. Now it is only a matter of you jotting down your exact needs, personal preferences and taste, along with the exact spending budget, and making the big decision.

Each of these products is an amp you can’t regret purchasing, but to find the perfect angel you will have to be quite specific about your needs. Anyhow, treat yourself with one of these guys as early as today, it will enhance your musical journey and you know that you deserve it! Highly recommended, quality stuff.


  1. I worked in a music store and the last two models here (Marshall and Line 6) used to sell, a lot.
    And rightfully so, they’re one of the best house amp products I could ever recommend, and I tried out pretty much anything that comes to the store…

  2. I have that Marshall and it’s an OK choice.
    I can practice on it at home but of course I can’t use it for band practice, not that I ever expected that. Overall I can’t really complain, I’m a heavy rock player and a Marshall still has my back covered 😉