Top 3: Best Headphones for Digital Piano


When you’re a musician these days, you need to practice, a lot. And you can’t always practice a lot as your instrument can be quite loud, and your neighbors aren’t into loud music at all times. To regulate this, you will need a quality set of headphones.

This time around, we’ll focus on the pianos department as we look for the best headphones for digital piano. When considering these, you need to know what type of sound you expect from your instrument, and although these vary from player to player, no-one will want to have a set of headphones packed with extreme sonic peaks. But more on that in the rundown itself, which patiently awaits below.

Name the best headphones for digital piano

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

We’ll kick this party off on a high note, with a high-end product and in our humble opinion the best set of headphones for digital piano. They go by the name of Audio Technica ATH M50X, and they are nothing short of stellar. These headphones can serve you well if you are a pro musician on all fronts, you can take them to the studio with you, or just use them for listening to the music, they will absolutely blow you away every time.

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The product features the proprietary 45 mm large-aperture drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, delivering top-notch clarity and precision throughout the entire extended frequency range, securing accurate, deep, and strong bass response.

Also included in the mix is a set of circumaural design contours in the ears department for top quality sound isolation in louder audio environments. The 90 degree swiveling ear cups were added for easier one-ear monitoring, with a  professional-grade earpad and headband materials securing additional comfort, durability, and reliability. Much like any high-end headphones, these pups come with a detachable cable.

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In the sonic department, we are talking absolute top-notch quality on all fronts. Additionally, the price is lower than the majority of high-end headphones, while the sound quality remains the same, and that is no mean feat.

VM Audio Elux Over Ear DJ Stereo MP3 iPhone iPod Bass Headphones Piano

In the budget friendly realm, we bring you the VM Audio Elux, the best cheap headphones for digital piano on today’s market, at least in our humble opinion.

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The product features a vast array of 13 different color patterns, as well as a strong hyper-bass feature, a sly, sleek and subtle piano body, an over-ear sealed back design, an ultra clear high fidelity acoustic sound, high sonic strength, a light ABS frame construction, and a removable multi-strand copper audio cable.

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When it comes to sound, this thing has everything you need for silent practice. This is not a product you can take into the studio and expect a pro performance, but it is an item that will deliver an authentic sound that will get you through your silent practice sessions without a distorted sound image to wreck the vibe.

Yamaha PRO 300 High-Fidelity On-Ear Headphones (Piano Black)

Finally, a trusty pair of Yamaha headphones to fall into the mid-range price category, the Pro 300!

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The item utilizes the finest materials with the company’s renowned tuning technology. Also included in the mix are smooth and soft ear cushions that offer a natural feel, along with an in-line remote/microphone attached to a four-foot cable optimized to be used with a wide range of Apple devices.

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The sound is crisp and clear, not quite Audio Technica, but way better than a pair of VMs. This is a pair of professional headphones, a lower category pair, but a pro item nevertheless.


Therefore, we are proud to say that these items are the absolute creme de la creme of their respective price ranges. Whether you’re looking to spend more or less money, these items are your winning tickets. Now it’s just a matter of jotting down your specific preferences and determining just what exactly you need.

The best starting point is to specify the exact budget and take it from there. Whichever the case might be, these three products are those golden types if items that you simply cannot regret purchasing. Highly recommended, a major thumbs up from here!