Top 3: Best Headphones for DJing


If you want to be a great DJ, you will have to get some solid gear. Sure, creativity and musical knowledge can take you a long way, but to reach the pro plateau you will absolutely need to acquire a few killer gizmos. One of those devices would happen to be a good pair of headphones. You need to get a clear image of the tunes, beats, and grooves you are delivering to the crowd, and the best way to do so is with a proper pair of headphones.

In that spirit, we have decided to do the heavy lifting and sift through all the items offered on today’s market in an attempt to bring you the best headphones for DJing. We singled out three top pieces, they all patiently await below.

What are the best headphones for DJing

AKG Pro Audio K67 TIESTO DJ Headphones

We’ll get the party started with an AKG item carrying the name of the one and only Tiesto, the AKG Pro Audio K67 Tiesto.

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The headphones are crafted for versatile use in various surroundings, including studio mixing, live gigs, or listening on the move. Needless to say, it’s the DJ environment they shine in the most, utilizing an on ear design with very high noise rejection.

Also included in the mix is a 40 mm transducer that guarantees top audio quality even at high pressure levels, additionally ensuring that you get a quality performance both in small clubs and in the biggest of venues.

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In a nutshell – versatile, strong, punchy mids, and very smooth overall output. Regardless of your DJing preferences, these headphones will not disappoint you.

Pioneer HDJ-1500-K Professional DJ Headphones – Black Chrome

Up next is a trusty Pioneer,the HDJ 1500 K model to be precise, a representative of the mid-range price tag domain.

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The device delivers an increased dose of bass response and low end frequencies, utilizing a freshly developed design capable of significantly reducing any unwanted background noise. We are talking about an innovative chamber for audio isolation, giving mid and low a significant quality improvement.

Additionally, each earpiece can swivel up to 45 degrees and can also be flipped around 180 degrees for extra convenience, ensuring and easy fold-away structural design.

The item is quite light in terms of weight, weighing in at just 1.6 pounds, and featuring total dimensions of 9.2 x 9.3 x 3 inches.

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In the audio department, it’s all about that bass. Although the treble section is alive, high-quality and well, the middle section, and especially the low-end domain, stand out as top-notch stuff worthy of pros. If your sets are bass-driven, this is the pair you want.

Sennheiser HD 8 DJ Headphones

We’ll wrap things up on a high note with a pricey pair of Sennheiser HD 8 DJ headphones, unarguably the best item on our list in terms of audio quality.

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The product utilizes a circumaural, ecliptical closed back design mad for maximum comfort and reduction of background nois. Also included in the mix is a 150 ohm impedance for optimized compatibility with mixing devices, as well as a single coiled cable that can be attached to either of the cups, and an on-board straight cable. The item packs a premium protective case, and a two year warranty.

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The most well rounded sonic output on the entire little list here, end of story. The best of all worlds has been packed in a single item, resulting in one of the fuzziest, warmest and throbbing low end bass sounds we have encountered. The middle punch this guy packs is absolutely top-notch as well, while the treble segment is very bright and serves as a crucial ingredient of rounding up the sonic output to one truly enjoyable whole.

Conclusion – Best headphones for DJing 2015

So what we have here is the answer to the question of what are the best DJ headphones. Each of these three lads stands out as a strong contestant for the flattering title within their own respective niches. Additionally, these are all products that you cannot regret purchasing in any way.

They pack a top-notch sound, great durability, high reliability, and even some very pretty looks to spice things up. If you are an aspiring DJ or a seasoned one, treat yourself with one of these pups as early as today. Quality stuff, highly recommended!