Top 3: Best Karaoke Software


Apart from finding the best karaoke microphone, a crucial step of delivering a top notch party is a piece of quality software. A type of product that will not crash, and that will ensure everyone is having a good time. It’s not rocket science, but it is peculiar how many folks tend to overlook this aspect and end up with their karaoke parties being screwed up by software bugs.

And for that matter alone, we decided to delve deep into the matter and bring you folks our top choices for the best karaoke software on the market today. Additionally, we included some nifty software tools you might find useful. Check them all out in the rundown below.

Name the best karaoke software


We will get the party started with a bang, and the best karaoke software on the market. It goes by the name of PCDJ Karaoki, and it is a very nice piece of work. It is fast, easy to use, strong, and reliable, essentially everything a good program of this kind should be.

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The product features not only a quality set of features for sound reproduction, but a rich video playback support, offered exclusively in stand alone mode. The software itself is quite basic, yet offers maximum efficiency on all fronts.

There is a vast array of all the necessary functions included that will help you make your karaoke party a night to remember. Additionally, the item operates as a stand alone software or a plug in for DEX or Red mobile products. On the aesthetic side, background changes and adjustments are applicable.

Please note that a set of proper codecs must be installed on the machine Disk ID columns in case and search lists.


The device will operate very smoothly, while giving you an easy access to all of the key features. It is important for a karaoke device to be user-friendly so everyone can use it and party doesn’t get interrupted or spoiled by such unnecessary complications. This guy will have none of it, offering nothing but the best performance on all fronts.

My Voice Karaoke

Up next is a budget friendly version known as My Voice Karaoke. Quite cheap and affordable, it allows you to do just the thing it boasts on the front cover – become the singer, become the star. It packs some solid components, and it is rather easy to use. You should have no problem in adjusting to it, the software is fairly reliable, but the price, is a bonafide steal here.

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The software allows you to import songs straight from the audio software of your choice, whether it’s a standard audio CD, video archive, iTunes library, or direct online radio recordings we are talking about. The product allows you to save and open your files in a wide variety of formats, including the popular WAV, MP3, WMA, AIF, MP4, AC3, and more.

Additionally, you can add studio quality singing reverb to your voice as you perform, which can make you sound much better and more professional, and take the party to a new level. It is very easy to perform and record your own versions of your favorite tunes with this fella. Additionally, multiple language options have been added for extra convenience, including English, French and Spanish.


The performance is quite smooth and free of bugs and lags. Some of the longtime users have noted some truly minor performance issues, but you’ll really have to strain the capabilities of the software to reach them.

Throughout standard use, the program is rather smooth and steady, not quite as convenient and fast as our top pick, but then again, it is way cheaper, turning My Voice Karaoke into the best value for money item on the list.

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10

We’ll wrap things up with a bit more of a serious tool, a software unit that will allow you to craft and edit your audio files. This is aimed at producers and audio engineers, so if you are looking for a device to play the tunes, look at the two products above.

If you are an engineer, then this might be an item to consider, as it allows very easy editing and crafting of karaoke tracks. It goes by the name of Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Audio Studio 10, check out its features below.

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The package allows you to edit and record sound from just about any source, which is particularly handy for all the karaoke stuff. Additionally, you can digitize and restore vinyl and cassettes, use one or many of over 30 on-board effects and master the basics of audio engineering through a set of Show Me How tutorials.

Now in the karaoke department, the Vocal Eraser feature is amazingly handy to craft custom tracks for karaoke. So if your question is how to create custom karaoke tracks, the answer just might be to get a Sound Forge, upload the desired song, and let the vocal eraser feature do its thing.


The software is very smooth, and seeing that it comes from the renowned Sony, it offers the smoothest and fastest performance of all the items on the list. It will not fail you, and crashes are a nearly impossible scenario. It’s a serious tool that you can use for more than just karaoke edits, and we highly recommend delving deeper into the whole matter.


Long story short, these three items are strong contenders for the title of the best karaoke software out there. However, they are all significantly different from each other, meaning that you will have to really specify your exact needs before venturing any further. So consider the things you need, consider the budget available at your disposal, and proceed to pick your favorite and buy the item that suits you the best.

Regardless of your choice, each of these products stands out as a quality choice within its respective niche, and a worthy purchase on all fronts. Time to start singing now!