Top 3: Best MIDI Controller for Pro Tools


Pro Tools stands out as one of the most commonly utilized digital audio workstations (DAWs) and is remembered as a revolutionary tool that helped shape the course of music at the time. But much like any DAW out there, Pro Tools also functions the best when connected to a proper MIDI controller.

Therefore, we went ahead and sifted through all the items on today’s market, and there were quite a lot of them, in an attempt to bring you the best MIDI controller for Pro Tools. It came down to a total of three choices, you can take a peak at ’em below.

How do I find the best MIDI controller for Pro Tools

M-Audio Axiom AIR 61 61-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with Pro Tools Express and Ignite by AIR

We’ll get this thing on the move with M Audio’s acclaimed Axiom AIR 61 model, an item that features a 61-key keyboard for additional control and versatility. This is a professional’s item right here, yet also a product that comes with a surprisingly low price tag.

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The product comes with the aforementioned set of 61 expressive synth action keys and an aftertouchfeature, along with a pack of 12 trigger pads that can respond to velocity and pressure and. Also included in the mix is a group of eight rotary encoder knobs, as well as nine long throw 70 mm faders with separate function buttons.

The product offers three banks of knob and pad assignments with vivid color coded illumination, along with selectable velocity curves that can match any playing style. There is also an assignable pitch bend wheel and a mod wheel to spice up your performance.


This item was crafted for an expressive type of performance, utilizing a roll button to help you in creating some very realistic drum parts, as well as very authentic and organic music. The item is user friendly and capable of covering just about any production style and music genre, whether we’re talking about pop, rock, jazz, blues, or even country.

Livid Instruments LVBASE01 Base Midi Controller

Now this Livid is very vivid! Packed with a colorful set of buttons and knobs, this guy is not just about the looks, as he offers a very solid performance very much worthy or your attention.

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The product utilizes a completely editable interface with a rich set of on-board presets, a total of 32 velocity and pressure sensitive pads with an after touch feature, prominent RGB lights on all controls, a pack of nine touch faders, a USB powered regime and class compliance, meaning that no drivers are needed.

On the outside, the item utilizes zero moving parts, and an all aluminum body with a top-notch extruded aluminum frame, making the LVBASE01 sleek, subtle, strong, and sturdy.


Apart from the flashy lights, the device is fairly basic and easy to use, and will give you absolutely no headache when doing your mixes. Needless to say, it will improve the process quite a bit.

Novation Launch Control XL Ableton Live Controller

In the budget friendly realm, we bring you the incredibly versatile and adjustable Novation Launch Control XL.

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The product delivers full integration with Pro Tools via a set of 24 top quality knobs utilizing multi color indicators, along with a set of eight 60 mm faders for precise level adjustment, and a pack of 16 multi color buttons for immediate Track Focus feature.

The controller can be fully customized with the on-board software editor and additional key mixer controls. It can be combined with the Launchpad S to deliver a combo performance and pick things up to a new level.


Since the item is easy to use, you will soon be able to utilize it to severely improve your performance. The control you gain from this Novation fella is something you are bound to appreciate very much. It maps with the channels right away and gives you a very clear sonic image of your work, allowing additional tweaks and improvements.


We’ve reached the end of the journey here! All we can say is that these guys are most definitely strong contenders for the flattering title of the best MIDI controller for Pro Tools on today’s market. They all deliver, none of them will disappoint, and each of them can be described as a product you will not regret purchasing. Highly recommended, buy one today!


  1. Novation is a solid option, I used it with one guy I used to work with – solid preferences, solid stuff in general. But I’m not too sure about the other options to be honest. Maybe as cheap solutions but not as high-end options I think…

  2. These are indeed pretty much the best options within their respective budget ranges.
    Sure, high end stuff is there, BUT for the prices we have here you really can’t buy that much better stuff. Plus it’s just a controller, worry about mastering the big thing, controller is just a controller : – )