Top 3 Best Pro Tools Plugins for Vocals


In times we live in, Pro Tools are hailed as one of the finest means of musical production and smashed as destroyers of proper music at the same time. And as usual, the truth is somewhere in the gray zone.

But we’ll stick to a more concrete area here – the vocals. One of the key areas of Pro Tools is vocal management and if you want to separate the plastic fake sounding style from the organic and natural one, you will need skills. Also, you will need some killer plugins.

As far as the skills go, you better do some production practice. But when it comes to plugins, we did the hard work and narrowed down the best Pro Tools plugins for vocals.

Check Out the Best Pro Tools Plugins for Vocals


Waves plugins rank among the finest products of their niche on pretty much all fronts. Whether its instruments, mastering or vocals, top quality performance is guaranteed.

Renowned around the globe for punch and transparency, Waves are quite easy to use and always take little effort to deliver at least a decent performance. They are very user friendly and easy for beginners to get acquainted with, but if you seek top level performance, you will definitely need additional skills.

The Vocal Rider function offers the user a vast array of options for vocal adjustments, ranging from minor tweaks to changes so severe it might be difficult to recognize the source recording. The V-EQ3 equalizer is included in the mix for smooth mastering and mixing.

The listed price offers a great value for the money, especially if you are looking to purchase a whole Waves bundle, we can tell you that it’s a deal you cannot regret. Thumbs up, highly recommended.

SoundToys EchoBoy

EchoBoy is a serious tool used by the likes of Genesis icon and renowned solo artist Peter Gabriel. It offers a wide specter of tonal adjustments, but in general boasts a vintage type of sound with a nifty set of 30 different onboard styles of echoes.

Regardless of how you set the knobs and tweak the adjustment panel, the sound will sound organic in natural in the majority of cases.

Out of all the items on the list, this one might be the most user friendly one. It was designed for musicians , so if you know your music, the Echo Boy will allow you to express it very easily.

The plugin utilizes a very useful Style Tweak button that features a three band EQ and a separate control over echo decay and tone. If you are looking for an analog type of vibe, this is what you’ve been looking for. Old school vibe and cutting edge technology are mixed together as one in this product.

MCDSP ML4000 V5– MCDSP ML4000 V5

Finally, a little something for the pros – the MCDSP ML4000 V5. This is an amazing tool that offers countless possibilities for vocal editing, but requires skilled hands to operate it.

The item utilizes a brick wall look-ahead limiter, multi-stage peak detection and limiting tools, a set of unique limiter Knee and Mode controls, as well as highly adjustable crossover filters.

High-level versatility ensures that this item fits perfectly for any musical style and therefore any vocal style as well. And not only can it seamlessly blend into any genre, but it can also make major alterations to the sound, so anything from minute changes to full-on game changers are a go with this baby. It’s aimed for the pros, if you have the skills get one today.


So if you are looking for the best vocal plugins for Pro Tools to treat your vocals right, these three models are definitely among the finest picks you can make. Each of them offers a great value for money and most importantly – these are all investments you simply cannot regret making. As always, the matter comes down to your personal taste and preferences, so we recommend studying the plugins a bit further, and once you’re ready, make that decision and enrich your production with a pinch of spice.


  1. I used Waves to produce my sister friend’s pop thing as sort of a favor, and then I got a death metal band in, one of my regular customers. It worked like a charm in both cases, Waves can really tackle it all and it’s just a matter of how well you use them.

  2. I’m an absolute sucker for Genesis and just about anything related to Peter Gabriel (a huge fan, yes), and needless to say, I have stumbled across the SoundToys EchoBoy. It’s a fine tool that can really capture the man’s vibe, at least in some of his periods. If you ask me, this one is for all the lovers of the man’s 80s and 90s output, top notch stuff indeed.

  3. I can only second everything written about Waves here, it should be crowned as the best choice of these three, no doubt about it if you ask me.

  4. ML4000 rules, but you’re right, it takes a while to get into the whole thing, all the tricks and shortcuts n’ all. BUT, when I did get accustomed to it, it took my vocal mixes to a whole new level. So get a proper tutorial and start studying boys, you know what they say – no pain, no gain!

  5. Interesting advice you have here, I’ve only tried Waves, but I can see myself fitting in with the other two plugins as well. I’ll have to take ’em out for a spin, hopefully there are free demos on the web.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. That guy actually said that Protools ruin music lol Of course not, ProTools are amazing equipment and can be used for so much good stuff.
    If you don’t like some of the music from artists using Protools doesn’t mean Protools is bad, just that your personal taste doesn’t match the way those guys used Protools.
    There’s a good chance that your favorite band is using Protools and you don’t even know it:D

  7. Guy with 10 years of production experience here.

    I’m not gonna share any tips for free here, but I can say that these are solid choices.
    Start here and you could get far!