Top 3: Best Stage Digital Piano


Digital pianos are an amazing piece of equipment, but also a tricky beast to master. After all, these guys bring you the power of a full-on piano in a fairly compact package, meaning that they require a serious amount of innovation and high-tech approach.

Needless to say, choosing the best instrument of this kind for stage use is even more intricate business, as you have to take into consideration the weight factor, as well as durability. We went ahead and sifted through all the items on the market today to bring you the best stage digital piano. Our picks patiently await below.

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Nord Stage 2 HA76, 76-Key Hammer Action Digital Stage Piano

We’ll kick things off in a very luxurious manner, with quite possibly the greatest digital stage piano ever, the one and only Nord Stage 2 HA76. It’ll cost ya quite a pretty penny, but it will deliver on all fronts and serve you incredibly well on all fronts.

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The instrument utilizes the renowned C2 organ technology and a 76-note fully weighted hammer action keyboard. Also included in the mix are Powerful Classic Analog, FM and Wavetable synthesis features, along with a dynamic pedal noise, piano string resonance, the company’s latest piano, synth, and organ technology, and an external section that allows the piano to be used as a master keyboard.

What is also important for the stage aspect, the instrument is fairly light and easy to transport, while retaining high durability and reliability.

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All we can say is perfection. Incredibly powerful, vocal, authentic, resonating, punchy, warm, bright, you name it – the Nord has it. This item is very versatile and capable of delivering on all fronts, resulting in one of the best sounds we got to witness on a digital piano.

Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano

Up next is a trusty Yamaha, the CP 40 model to be precise. This instrument falls into a mid-range category in terms of price range, but offers a performance stronger that the sum of its part. Essentially, you will get more that you’ve paid for with this guy, a high-end sound quality with a medium price tag.

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Apart from 88 classy keys, the instrument utilizes a Yamaha Premium Grand Piano CFIIIs1 vintage electric piano voice, which is one of the best technologies the company has to offer. Also included in the mix is a basic, yet incredibly intuitive interface capable of fulfilling all of your requests and needs, along with the renowned Graded Hammer (GH) action, and quite a portable and elegant styling.

As for portability, the piano is quite light and easy to transport, featuring a total weight of 27.6 pounds.

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Thanks to some of the top voices included in this package, such as the gorgeous Electric Grand, this device is capable of delivering a high quality sound that will surprise you when checking the price. It will definitely give you more than you’ve asked for, as with just a bit of extra dedication you can make this fella sound like a bonafide professional instrument.

Casio CAS PX150 BK 88-Key Touch Sensitive Privia Digital Piano with Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action

In the budget friendly realm, we bring you the Casio CAS PX150 BK, a surprisingly powerful instrument with a surprisingly low price. To be fair, this dude delivers the best value for money of all the items on this list, and although its sound is nowhere near the mighty Nord, or quite far from the Yamaha, it is still the best beginner item on the list, one of those top-notch newbie instruments you can take with you to the intermediate stage as well.

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This digital piano features a set of 88  weighted scaled hammer action keys, an Acoustic & Intelligent Resonator (AiR) sound source, a maximum polyphony of 128 tones, a batch of 18 on-board various tones, along with Layer, Split, and Octave Shift features.

The mix also includes a Duet Mode, as well as Hammer Response, String Resonance, Damper Resonance, and Lid Simulator options. It weights 24.25 lbs (11 kg), making it easy to transport.

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For this budget, the sound is really good. You can use the Casio for the vast majority of live gigs, and even for studio recordings. You will be able to draw a strong sound out of it, with plenty of punch, warmth and versatility. We can officially crown it the best beginner stage digital piano on the list.


This steadily brings us to the end of out little show. Each of the products listed here is the best instrument of its price range, meaning that all that’s left is for you to determine the specific budget you were going for and take your pick. In addition to finding the best sound, we also looked for the best portability and stage performance for the listed price. Pick away now!