Top 3: Best Starter Ukulele

In case this peculiar little instrument called ukulele has captivated your attention recently, know that you're not alone.


In case this peculiar little instrument called ukulele has captivated your attention recently, know that you’re not alone. There’s been an ongoing trend for several years now, making the ukulele one of the popular string instruments on the market. Sure, they’re not beating guitars, but these little guys have garnered quite a following and a significant share on the market.

Needless to say, the rise of popularity brought plenty of new players, as this instrument can be easy to master on a beginner level and have a bit of jolly fun with your friends. We sifted through the offers available on the web to bring you the best and find the best starter ukulele in the world.

Check out the best starter ukulele

Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele with FREE Deluxe Stronghold brand soprano uke soft case gig bag

We’ll get the party started with one of the best-selling ukuleles of today, the globally renowned Kala KA 15S. Known as a clever mixture of quality sound, light weight, classy design, solid durability and an affordable price, this dude packs all the punch a uku rookie needs.

You will be able to play all the songs you want on this one without a hassle, too, as the instrument is very user friendly in all departments.

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The KA 15S features a high class mahogany body and a slim mahogany neck with a set of 12 classy brass frets with standard fret position marker inlays at fifth, seventh and 10th frets on neck and top of the fingerboard. Speaking of which, this four-stringer utilizes a classic rosewood fingerboard and a rosewood bridge, sleek satin finish and a set of strong geared tuners that will keep the Kala in proper tune and shape at all time.

The instrument comes pre-strung with a pack of Premium Aquila Nylgut strings for maximum quality performance. The listed components ensure not only the best possible sound for the listed price, but great user-friendliness that makes this ukulele easier to master and therefore more fun to play. Additionally, the price is quite fair and very budget-friendly.

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In the sonic department, the uku offers a bright sound that will make your vocals stand out further in the mix. The sound is backed by a solid low end section of warm basses, along with some fairly tight and punchy middles.

In general, this item offers a great value for money, as you will get more than you’ve paid for. You can use this thing for recreation playing, you can take it out for camping and spice things up around the fire, but you can also bring it to the studio and lay down some very solid tracks with just a small help from your sound engineer and some additional studio effects. A great band for the buck we say.

Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele Mahogany Brown

Not to be confused with the heavy metal band that influenced Metallica, up next is Diamond Head, the DU 150 soprano model to be precise. By far the cheapest option on our little list here, this ukulele offers a surprisingly solid audio output that barely lags behind the remaining two models.

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The device utilizes a  soprano uke body with a traditional shape crafted to produce a well-rounded, full-bodied sound. It’s made for quick learning thanks to the implementation of the so-called three-chord chart, while packing a strong maple body structure and a slim maple neck.

Also included in the mix is a high gloss finish for extended durability, along with a set of geared guitar-style tuners that keep the four-string in proper tune and shape. And there is even a gig bag included in the price for easy transport and storage.

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The sound does lag behind a bit than the other two contenders, but seeing that the price is about two-three times lower, we have to say that this model offers the best quality-price ratio in the entire rundown. The sonic part can be described as very bright and perhaps slightly lacking in the low end section. However, we’re not talking about any crucial drawbacks, and for the listed price, this is still the best ukulele you can get online.

Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Concert Ukulele

We’ll wrap things up with by far the prettiest instrument on the list – the Luna! Don’t think it’s all about the looks, either, as this fella offers a very solid audio output backed by strong individual components.

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The four-string instrument features that distinctive heart song rosette, along with a 23-inch concert body, a solid spruce top, and high-end mahogany sides and back. Also included in the mix is a sleek mahogany neck that is quite easy to play and master.

When summed up, the listed features provide a nifty sonic mixture worthy of not only beginners, but intermediate players as well. The manufacturer clearly aimed to acquire a well-rounded audio output, and that is definitely what we have at our hands here.

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The sound is pretty much classic ukulele, nothing less and nothing more. For a beginner player, and for the listed price, this is all you really need. Warm basses, punchy mids and a bright treble. Nothing stands out in particular, but nothing draws you back and sets you back as a performer either. Good stuff!


Thus, in a nutshell – these three products easily stand out as top contenders for the best starter ukulele on today’s market. Each of them will give you more than you’ve paid for, and that’s no mean feat. They all have the proper sound, high durability, and an affordable and fair price. What more can a young ukulele aficionado like you ask for?

As always, the specific choice is determined by your personal preferences. so put that thinking cap on and find out what exactly do you want from a ukulele. Once you have that figured out, by all means do proceed in treating yourself with one of these guys. Highly recommended!