Top 3: Best Wireless Microphone for Karaoke


If you own a bar or if you’re just a fan of karaoke, there is one thing that you should bear in mind – buy a wireless microphone. These devices will seriously improve the party by allowing the mic to float around and give everyone a chance to sing and have a good time.

Therefore, we decided to check out today’s wireless mic market and single out the best wireless microphone for karaoke. We have singled out three strong contenders for this title, each within its own price league, and each packing a killer bang for the buck. They patiently await below, do check them out.

Check out the best wireless microphone for karaoke

Singing Machine SMM-107 Karaoke Wireless Microphone

We will get this thing on the move with a representative of the budget friendly domain, a strong and sturdy fella from Singing Machine called the SMM 107. It’s affordable, it packs a decent quality, and it’s all you need if you’re not a demanding type.

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This wirelss device operates as a unidirectional dynamic mic with a VHF receiver, and a wide frequency response with high sensitivity. The mic is battery operated, requiring a pack of two standard DC 9 V batteries. With an entire shipping weight of just 7.2 ounces, this guy comes with total dimensions of 4.2 x 7.6 x 12.1 inches.

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Sound and performance-wise, we are talking about a decent package. But the catch here is, you can get this fella for few $, and that is nothing short of amazing for this sound quality. The mic delivers, no major cracks are involved, and although this is not a studio tool, the SMM 107 works like a charm in live club environment, securing a more than a solid sound for all the karaoke aficionados out there.

PylePro PDWM2500 Dual VHF Wireless Microphone System

Why get just one when you can get two? Up next is PylePro’s PDWM 2500 dual mic system as a clever way to equip yourself with a set of not one, but two wireless mics backed with a wireless system.

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We’re talking about a pro dual VHF system featuring a set of two handheld microphones with an operation range of up to 240 feet. The mix includes a conveniently placed on-off power switch, a mute switch, along with a pack of total power and low battery LED indicators. The package also utilizes dual RF indicators, dual volume controls, dual AF level meters, along with 1/4 inch individual and mixed output, and a total frequency range VHF between 160 and 270 MHz.

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Very solid, very solid indeed. The sonic output is above the first item on our list, with more clarity and more punch, yet the price is essentially cheaper if we take into consideration that this is a two-item offer. Apart from that, you can easily stretch these out and use them at the very limit of their operation range while still getting a loud and clear input.

Magic Sing ET23KH HD Resolution Karaoke System with 2 Wireless Microphones, 2100 Songs

Let’s talk pro stuff, shall we? While you’re getting two mics, why not just get a whole karaoke system at the same time. Meet the Magic Sing ET23KH HD.

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The system features an entire karaoke system in a single package, utilizing HD picture and video background, along with HD music and movie playback. As noted, it comes with a pair of digital wireless mics with separate controls, along with a very rich library of 2,100 on-board songs in English. To sweeten the deal, we are talking about Hi-Fi audio quality, and a personalized video and picture background.

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Very loud, very clear. Everything about this system has been specialized for karaoke use, meaning that you can expect no crackle, and that all the standard issues with karaoke devices have been solved as much as possible. This fella indeed brings out the best performer in you, countless hours of fun are absolutely guaranteed.


Thus, in a nutshell, these three options are the absolute finest picks in the realm of karaoke and strong contenders for the title of the best wireless microphone for karaoke. They all pack a very strong punch, and they will all deliver more than you’ve paid for. Now sum up your thoughts and work out your spending budget, the time has come to treat yourself with one of these bad boys as early as today! A big thumbs up from here!


  1. Magic Sing is great! Now I’m no expert, but I know I had tons of fun with my family thanks to this thing.
    It’s easy to use and install, the sound is pretty good (no complaints from me at least!) and hours and hours and hours of good fun are guaranteed.

  2. Club owner here – the PylePro option is a good choice. If you’re looking to host karaoke nights in your place (and you should, people love those and love to have a few more drinks while they’re at it), getting a wireless mic is a must, because if they start passing around a mic with a cable you’re in for some trouble. They’ll start tripping on the damn thing and spoil the fun! So yeah, get this one, it’s a great option. (Y)