Top 3 List: Acoustic Guitar Review – Under $1000


When you think first class guitar sound, you usually think that thousands of dollars need to be included for the guitar alone. And although covering areas with such audio quality does require a hefty sum, purchasing a guitar that delivers a killer sound on a smaller spectrum can be done at a fairly affordable price. So the question you might have is:

What is the best acoustic guitar under $1000 and can it deliver a great sound?

We’ll detail your top choices in a second, and the answer for the second part of the question is yes, yes it can. Today’s music market is quite saturated and the manufacturers are fighting hard to get their piece of the audience and customers. Therefore, the prices of quality musical instruments are the best they’ve been in years, it’s all just a question of known how to pick the proper six-string. And that’s where we’ll hopefully be able to help you.

Find useful tips through an acoustic guitar review – under $1000 gear only

PRS SE Angelus A10E – Review

PRS A10ETO SE Angelus A10E Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Tortoise Shell - MusicFutures

Now this is what you call a bargain! The PRS SE Angelus A10E really has it all, whether we’re talking about looks, build quality or a mean sound. You can call it somewhat of a hidden gem, and it has certainly helped the company rise up as one of the most prominent guitar makers of the 21st century.

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The guitar features a top-class solid mahogany body, a slim mahogany neck, a rosewood bridge and fretboard consisting of 20 frets. In the esthetic department, we have not only a gorgeous natural finish but those neat bird inlays to spice it up. Also included in the mix are an adjustable pickup system and a set of bone tuners.

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The audio output is very warm, punchy and vibrant, able to cover just about any style or genre out there whether we’re talking about country, rock, blues, jazz, or pop. The sound is not only quite strong, but incredibly well-rounded at every frequency range.

– Martin Road Series DRS1 – Review

Martin Road Series DRS1 Dreadnought Acoustic - MusicFutures

Martin is a very renowned name among aficionados of acoustic six-strings, yet not a household name like Fender or Gibson. To an extent, this serves as your advantage since Martin guitars offer an amazing sound at a great price.

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This specific Martin we’ve singled out features a solid sapele body, a slim stratabond neck, black richlite fingerboard and bridge, as well as Fishman Sonitone electronics in case you need this baby plugged in. Additionally, the price also includes a 345 hardshell case, making this quite a deal.

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Very crisp, dynamic and muddy when needed. It is worth noting that the sound stands out as this guitar’s most notable feature. The looks are nice, the durability is quite solid, but the sound just kills it. Strong, versatile and just high-end. This is a product we greatly recommend.

– Seagull Artist Mosaic – Review

Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar - MusicFutures

We’ll round up the list with what is possibly the best acoustic guitar under $1000. Bringing us ever so close to the mentioned price limit, we bring you the Seagull Artist Mosaic.

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Made in North America, this is one lean and mean acoustic guitar. It features a select solid top and solid sides and back, along with a rosewood fingerboard. Everything about this baby screams quality, yet the price tag remains fairly affordable. A pleasant surprise in every aspect.

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Crystal clear and very rich in every department. This guitar boasts very warm low end, brought in forefront through punchy and strong mids, only for the instrument’s sonic glory to be rounded up by incredibly clear and bright higher frequencies. If your budget allows it, this is probably the single item off the list we would recommend you to purchase first.


The products we’ve just listed guarantee high-quality sound and you simply cannot go wrong with any of them. Each of the guitars delivers first-class sound, is made of quality materials, is durable and even looks pretty.

Needles to say, they all comes with very affordable price tags when overall quality is considered. Highly recommended, buy them today.


  1. A note on that PRS – I’ve never seen a guitar with strings so well placed and comfortable. It’s like they are super low, if I placed strings this low on any other guitar I’ve owned they would produce tons of buzz, but not this one.
    Here we have a stellar sound and great playability. The bone saddle rocks and everything surrounding the strings on this guy is just so so well crafted

  2. Glad to see prs get the recognition they deserve!

    what i hate about today’s guitar market is that you can basically buy a gibson or a fender. even if these are guitars from companies that started out as independent manufacturers (like jackson for example, now owned by fender), they all ended up being bought by either gibson or fender, making all the stuff sound kinda samey. and that’s where prs steps in with a unique tone, quality sound and great pricing.

    go paul, go!

  3. No Fender? Why that’s awesome, I got sick and tired of seeing that CD-60 thing all over the web.
    Not that I mind it, but there are many other companies that deserve more recognition.
    Like the Seagull here, which is a plain killer instrument.

  4. Martin owner here. Fine choice, guys, that guitar can really rip. I don’t own it, I’m a Little Martin guy, but I have tried this model at my local GC and I can say it’s great.
    I remember it had this distinctive fuzz that I thoroughly enjoyed.

  5. Ever since I heard the Bad Company song Seagull it began associating me with these fine guitars. And whenever I get my hands on one of them I start playing Seagull. Funny, huh?:D

  6. “Martin is a very renowned name among aficionados of acoustic six-strings, yet not a household name like Fender or Gibson.” Unless you live in inner-most Outer Mongolia, this comment is laughable. Martin guitar was founded in 1833, over 60 years before Gibson and over 100 years before Fender. “Martin” means “acoustic guitar”.