Top 4: Best Digital Piano Under $500


What is a good budget for a solid digital piano, the one that is more than suited for a beginner, the type of instrument you can take into the intermediate league as well? Well, how about 500 dollars? That’s what we would say, at least.

And driven by those budget limitations, we delved into today’s market in pursuit of the best digital piano under $500. Quite a few products to consider, and quite a few stinkers to discard. We did the hard work for you folks, got some very fine products, and avoided all the bad ones. The resulting rundown has been made, awaiting for you to check it out below.

Name the best digital piano under $500

Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano

Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano review

The first item we bring you today comes from the Korg family, carrying the name of SP 170s. It is an 88 key device that features a quality set of components and one of the best audio outputs in the entire rundown. It is strong, sturdy and reliable, a fair contestant for the flattering title we have here.

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The instrument features a simple and fairly design, yet packs a roaring monster under the hood. It is very portable and stylish, while emphasizing the crucial elements of any keyboard. There is a handy Piano Play button to instantly recall the main piano sound, along with the Sound button that provides access to each of the 10 internal audio types.

The two skillfully sampled concert grand piano sounds capture all the nuances of the performer’s touchA total of ten sounds are provided, including electric pianos, harpsichord, organs, strings, and more.

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The sound can be described as very good for this price, as this is the type of intermediate instruments that will bring you to the very gates of the pro realm. It is versatile, capable of packing a neat punch and being gentle like a butterfly whenever that is needed. Adjustments available at your disposal are truly vast, and if you utilize them correctly, you will be able to come a long way.

Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano

Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano Review

The Williams pianos have a strong contestant on the list. The company has truly perfected its craft, and is now able to offer some of the best budget friendly digital piano keyboards on the market. This one goes by the name of Allegro 2, utilizing a killer sound at a great price.

In the hands of a skilled pro, this fella could sound as good as any item on the list, but even if you aren’t a seasoned musician, this model is a good way to save a few extra bucks on the side while retaining a good sound.

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The instrument features a set of 88 hammer action full sized, velocity sensitive, utilizing a pack of 10 different sonic voices and a max polyphony of 64 notes with includd layers and split functions. The device utilizes an AUX input, along with USB connection, a headphone input, and an input for a sustain pedal.

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The sound is quite strong, and although it can be described as lower quality than the Korg or Yamaha digital pianos on the list, it still offers a better value for money than those guys, lagging behind mere seconds in terms of sonic quality. Versatility is there, and so is a set of high quality piano samples. If you think that the cheaper price will cost you dearly here, fear not, for it shall not.

Casio PX150PKG 88 Key Touch Privia Digital Piano

Casio Casio PX150PKG 88 Key Touch Privia review

Casio is a well known company among users of affordable keyboards, as it offers a quality performance at a low price. For the listed budged, we opted for the PX 150PKG model, a very cool bundle that comes with an on-board piano stand and a string of other features.

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The instrument comes with a free CS67 piano stand that will make the keyboard look really smooth and sleek in your home. The piano includes an intuitive sampling function with a quality on-board microphone, a set of AHL keyboard voices. and a neat voice percussion option in which samples get integrated into the basic rhythm, along with some improved sampling effects. Additionally, the keyboard features a cool beginner feature – the company’s famous step-up learning system.

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Very good remarks here! Most people who test it out give this Casio’s sonic output a value of at least $800, and sometimes even $1000, yet it can be located on the web for as low as $500, our very border in price terms. Good stuff, versatile and sturdy, a thumbs up from here!

Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano

Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key review

No keyboard list would be complete without a Yamaha, they say, and we quite agree. The renowned manufacturer found its way to yer another Music Futures rundown, this time around with the P35B model.

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As a part of the P series, the keyboard utilizes the Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) sampling technology to guarantee a top-notch tone, along with an elegant one-button operation feature, a compact, light and portable design, a set of graded hammer standard (GHS) weighted piano action keys, and a dual mode for the ability of layering two voices at once.

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The sound is actually really strong once again, making this one of the tightest lists we have ever made. Sure, the Williams might be lagging behind just a little bit with that significant price drop, but the remaining three lads are running neck to neck to the finish line. This specific model boasts some very strong standard piano features, so if you’re on the classical side, bear that in mind.


Overall, these four strapping young lads stand out as the top competitors for the title of the best digital piano under $500. They all offer a killer bang for the buck, and they all deliver more than the price tag initially indicates.

Each of the four instruments on our rundown here a strong contestant for the flattering title, and each of them delivers on all front. Consult yourself about the specific needs, preferences and details you need and proceed to get one of these bad boys into your collection as early as today.