Top 5: Best Digital Piano Under $1000


$1000 is a pretty nice figure when buying a digital piano, especially if you happen to be an intermediate player. You can easily obtain a quality medium level instrument at this price, and if you dig hard enough and find the right deal, you might even strike gold and fetch a killer pro item that can stand up and fight with the best.

We went ahead and sifted through today’s market and just about every item the web has to offer these days in an attempt to find the best digital piano under $1000. The quest was a fruitful one, as we came up with five top quality items that can all compete for the flattering title.

What is the best digital piano under $1000?

Note that we divided the items into a few categories, and went ahead and listed some of the best cheap digital pianos the market has to offer as well. So if you want the actual answer to the big question above, we kindly advise you to take into consideration only the most expensive items.

On the other hand, if you are aiming to get the best value for money, or the best budget friendly option, we also included several affordable items that are capable of delivering nothing short of an amazing bang for the listed buck. In total, there are three top items – Casio PX 850, Yamaha DGX 650B, and Kawai ES 100 – one mid-range, budget friendly item known as the Korg SP 170s, as well as a one item for the young ones, the very cute Artesia Fun 1. Enough chit chat now, he rundown patiently awaits below.

Casio PX850 BK 88-Key Touch Sensitive Privia Digital Piano

Casio PX850 BK 88-Key Touch Sensitive Privia Digital Piano review

We’ll get this thing on the move with a cool Casio model, the PX 850 BK. This 88 key touch sensitive digital piano utilizes a set of very strong features that possibly make it the best item on the list. If there is one item here that you can get to sound like a bonafide pro instrument that can stand neck to neck with digital pianos worth several thousands of dollars, it’s the PX 850 BK.

Durable, strong, and portable, it also stands out as one of our top picks for the best stage digital piano. Make sure to check out the full list of features and audio output specs below.

Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano

Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano Review

When it comes to digital pianos, Yamaha is one of the definite leaders in the field. Truth be spoken, Yamaha stands out by the number of quality products it offers, meaning that there is more than a single product we could opt for here.

With that in mind, we opted to single out the DGX65B model, a top-notch instrument that easily fits into our budget range here. Audiophiles and studio engineers have nothing but words of praises for this guy, and we can also say that it’s not half bad.

Features Icon


What we have here is a PureCF sampled piano, using samples from the company’s renowned CFIIIS concert grand piano, thus placing the DGX 650B at the very top of our list in terms of sample quality. No other digital piano brand at this price tag. Also included in the mix is a standard AUX line input, that allows you to connect any device with the instrument, such as mobile devices, mixers, computers, or even another digital piano and hear it through the internal set of Yamaha’s speakers.

Further on up the road, we have a  solid maximum polyphony of 128 notes, which is enough for a dropout-free performance while layering up to two voices and playing two-handed, sustained chords at the same time. The weighted 88 key GHS action provides a bit more of a heavy touch in the low end department, along with a lighter feel in the highs, just like an actual acoustic piano.

Finally, we have the “You Are The Artist” series feature here, which brings the user a set of professionally arranged play-along tunes matched with song books from Hal Leonard, allowing you to learn how to play tracks by such artists as Elton John, Adele, Taylor Swift, and more.

Sound iconSound

In the sonic department, the aforementioned CFIIIS concert grand piano really pull this baby through on many fronts, especially if you’re looking for a trusty classic sound of a grand piano. If that is your goal, then we have the best item on the whole list for you right here. The grand one sounds amazing, leaving your sonic surrounding packed with nothing but gracious, heart-warming melodies reminiscent of the very height of baroque musical movement. If you know how to play, that is.

We can only highly recommend the DGX65B as a serious choice for a serious up and coming piano player. Due to low weight, high durability, and high portability, you can also use this fella as a stage instrument.

Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano

Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano review

Up next is a bit more of a budget friendly option, Korg’s SP 170s model to be exact. This instrument offers perhaps the best value for money on the whole list. It does not lag behind the top items in the rundown that much, yet the price tag is significantly lower. The features a re quite strong, making this fella perhaps the ultimate intermediate digital piano.

It delivers everything an intermediate player needs, while still allowing to save a few extra bucks for that next step, the pro level. The best instrument for this price? Quite possibly, yes.

Features Icon


The instrument utilizes a fairly simple, yet quite sleek and pretty design, offering great portability and durability, along with a strong emphasis on the crucial elements of any piano. This is quite a comfortable keyboard, featuring a convenient Piano Play button that gives the user an ability to instantly recall the main piano audio.

Also included in the mix is a Sound button for access to each of the 10 internal audio outputs, along with a pair of two skillfully sampled concert grand piano sounds that can perfectly capture each of the nuances of the player’s touch. A grand total of 10 audio outputs is provided, including electric pianos, organs, a harpsichord, various strings, and more.

Additionally, the instrument is very portable, making it ideal for gigs and transport. But it also packs a neat sound when used in a house environment, meaning that this little Korg is a fine choice for a house piano as well.

Sound iconSound

In the audio segment, we are talking about a quality slightly below the first two items, but still quite close. This fella will not take you to the big league, but it will absolutely rule the middle league. We’re talking about a very strong sound that faithfully replicates all the qualities of an acoustic piano. It takes a very well trained ear to spot the difference between this dude and a solid mid-range acoustic piano, so keep that in mind as well.

Additionally, the mix includes a set of on-board chorus and reverb effects, giving you additional creative freedom and sonic versatility. The mix includes an enhanced speaker system with a pair of oval 10 x 5 cm oval speakers. These pups are capable of generating an audio output that is surprisingly spacious for the system’s total size. Along with the improved quality of built-in speakers, the general structure of the instrument itself has been carefully redesigned to improve this Korg’s tone and resonance, providing an even stronger and more powerful vibe.

Kawai ES100 88-key Digital Piano with Speakers

Kawai ES100 88-key Digital Piano with Speakers review

When you are called Kawai, you can only be cool! Jokes aside, the Kawai ES 100 is another representative of affordable mid-range digital pianos that can stand up to the pros if properly utilized. It packs a very neat set of components that are somehow still capable to best the sum of their individual parts, and that is no mean feat.

The device comes with an on-board set of speakers, and is quite light and portable. The sound is indeed excellent, and although we presented some really, really good instruments here, this one can run neck to neck with all of them. Therefore, proceed to check out the nifty (kawaii?) details and features in the rundown below.

Features Icon


The instrument utilizes the company’s top quality Harmonic Imaging audio technology, along with 88-key piano sampling, and AHAIV-F graded hammer action on the entire keyboard. The device packs a batch of 19 different sounds, including a set of eight top-notch piano sounds. Dual and Split modes offered to the user, along with a versatile max polyphony of 192 notes. For the beginners, the company decided to implement the Alfred piano lessons feature.

The mix also includes a damper pedal with half-dampering feature, and a built-in stereo speaker system. Please note that a sustain pedal sold separately. With a total weight of 33 pounds, the instrument delivers a full sound. The components and inner circuits are quite strong, durable, and reliable, making this fella possibly the sturdiest item on the entire list here.

Sound iconSound

When it comes to sound quality, we could easily place this dude around the listed Yamaha digital piano, except that the Yamaha excels in terms of classic piano sound, while this one is more versatile in other domains. Therefore, if you are a bit more of an experimental player, the type that enjoys pushing the envelope from time to time by tweaking things, this instrument is very much suited for you.


Finally the best digital piano for children:

Artesia FUN-1 61-Key Childrens Digital Piano with Bench and Headphones

Artesia FUN-1 61-Key Childrens Digital Piano with Bench and Headphones review

Finally, a little something for the little ones, with headphones included. If you are looking for the best digital piano for children, we can only point at this neat Artesia instrument.

Featuring a smooth design that every kid out there is simply bound to love, this fella is not only cute, but also has the ability to deliver a very good sound, a sound that is good enough to give the young ones a proper image of what a piano sounds like, while still leaving them to yearn for more. But we’re getting a tad ahead of ourselves here, let us delve into the features and specs list first!

Features Icon


The instrument utilizes a set of 61 full size velocity sensitive keys, along with a neat 32 note max polyphony, a pair of smooth speakers, a pack of eight instrumental voices and animal sounds for the young ones, as well as full iPad and laptop compatibility. Recommended for ages 3 – 10, the Fun 1 stands out as the most popular piano for kids on today’s market, and with a very good reason, if we might add.

Also included in the mix is a headphone connection, a single sustain pedal, an adapter input, a single USB input for extra versatility and convenience, as well as an audio input. The piano comes with the following dimensions – 36.3 x 8.4 x 23.6 inches, as well as a total weight of 30 lbs. Additionally, the bench features total dimensions of 15 x 9 x 14 inches, and a light weight of 8 lbs.

This little Artesia was crafted with kids in mind, meaning that it is extra safe and extra reliable. The manufacturer took extra precautions to make this instrument as safe and user friendly as possible, going from the lack of sharp edges to very smooth and easy to play piano keys.

Apart from the mentioned sustain pedal, matching bench and DC power supply, the price also includes a set of stereo headphones, a piano teaching iPad app, which is very cool since all the young ones are spending the majority of their time on those gizmos, as well as a USB connection cable, a game playing app, an EZ assembly guide, and a standard instruction manual.

Sound iconSound

In the sonic segment, this instrument is quite alright. As noted, the sound quality is more than decent, it’s pretty good. Sure, you won’t be able to experience all the sonic glory of a full-on grand piano on this fella, but you will be able to experience the majestic vibe of a piano nevertheless.

The sonic output of the Fun 1 creates a very good image for a young musician when it comes to general capabilities of a piano, leaving the little ones connected with the instrument and ultimately yearning for more as they progress. And if they reach that stage, well, you have four more items on this list that they would absolutely love to get their hands on, we guarantee it!

Don’t get your kids stuck to silly things void of productivity and creativity, get them stuck to music, get them know how to express themselves, get them the joy of art, get them, well, get them an Artesia Fun 1, the best digital piano for the young ones.


Slowly and steadily, we have reached the end of our journey, kind reader. These five models are all strong competitors for the title of the best digital piano under $1000. They all deliver a top quality performance for the listed price, they all utilize a set of very strong features and components, and they are all quite durable and reliable.

So the thing you should do now is specify your exact budget and determine your specific needs and demands. Essentially, ask yourself, “What do I want from this digital piano?”. Only when you have the answer to that question will you be able to determine the exact product you need. But once that is out of the way, feel free to buy any of the items on our list, they can all be classified among those rare instruments that you simply cannot regret purchasing. Highly recommended, a major thumbs up from here!