Top 5 Guitar Fails in the music Industry


It can be quite inspiring to see your famous guitarist up onstage, flipping his axe around and head banging with the thunderous beats ringing out in the stadium. However, there are times when such ‘axe-aerobics’ onstage can backfire and land the guitarist in quite an uncomfortable and embarrassing position.

Needless to say, the Internet is full of such epic guitar fails of famous artists who had the misfortune of slipping out of key horribly, or accidentally somersaulting and landing on their backs quite comically. Out of these, the 5 most famous guitar fails have been listed below:

– Guns n’ Roses at Golden Gods Awards in 2014:

In 2014, Guns n’ Roses sang “Sweet Child of Mine” in front of thousands of excited fans, only to disappoint them a second later by opening the song with an out-of-tune experiment. The result was quite painful, even though sympathetic fans kept cheering on. The band did not stop straight away though; the lead vocalist Axl Rose sang away to an almost ‘shred’ version of the actual tune that has made this epic song such a favourite of all.

– The Axe spin Fail of Satchel from Street Panther:

Ever saw kids trying to flip their guitars around their back lousily when they are playing onstage? Several well known guitarists are quite eager to show some crazy tricks during their performances. One of the them is the axe spin, where they try to sling the guitar around their shoulders to look cool. And most of the time, it works too! Except for Satchel from the Street Panther. This is the video of him going for an epic fail as he tries to spin his guitar around:

However, credit should be given to him for smoothly switching to the backup guitar and carrying on with the show.

– Synyster’s sinister fall onstage during a live show:

During a live performance of his band Avenged Sevenfold, Synyster Gates shows how to do a backflip ‘Syn’ style- quite unintentionally, of course! This hilarious video shows him running around on stage, trying some crazy acrobatics where he slips and ends up somersaulting awkwardly.

– Slash Attack guitar Fail:

This is one of those times which proves that a fail onstage can be caused by a random fan attack. Slash of Guns n’ Roses plays intently as a die hard fan runs in from backstage to grab him, only to be tackled down by the security guard. Slash almost falls off, but shows true heart as he keeps playing nevertheless, without quitting the show.

– Metallica Guitar Solo Fail in Rio 2015 :

Sometimes guitar fails can simply happen because of technical difficulties, as shown in this video:

It was really a frustrating moment for all, when the solo guitar play kept getting interrupted often due to sound system failure.

Starting from technical issues and out-of-tune guitars to stage fights, there are many things that could go wrong during live performance. But that adds a more entertaining flavour to the whole musical experience. Epic guitar fails are actually an integral part of the music industry- something that are hilarious to see, and hard to forget.