Turntables Vs CDJ Vs DJ Controllers Vs Standard CD


Though the days of turntables have long gone, it still continues to inspire lot of awe and inspiration amongst those who have heard some of the best music using them. According to these sections of customers, when it comes to quality of music and reproduction they are perhaps the best. However, technology has moved on and today turntables have been replaced by CD and other advanced sound storage and reproduction systems.

However, in this article we will be looking at these systems from the DJs point of view. It would be now pertinent to mention that when one talks about DJ instruments for beginners, it could be classified into three major types viz., controllers, CDJs, standard CD apart from turntables which have more or less become obsolete. This article is about trying to find out more about turntables vs CDK vs DJ controllers vs standard CD.


TurntablesThough they may not be in vogue they certainly have some advantages which are worth mentioning. CD turntables do not skip lines like the conventional turntables that our forefathers might have used. They are durable easy to transport.

They are very tough and therefore for many beginners it is considered to be a good learning option. It comes with track time feature and therefore easy to identify a specific point that needs to be cued. However, one of the biggest reasons why people may not go in for turntables is because they are expensive.



cdjsThere is no doubt that when it comes to modern day clubs, there is a definite shift towards CDJs. This is because there are some obvious advantages and the most obvious is that it does not require a laptop to operate it. It is capable of performing various digital functions like cueing, looping and so on. They are also well suited for song synchronization. Finally they are cheaper than turntables.

However, durability is a question mark and therefore it may not offer the right value for money. The cost of channel mixer when added to it could make in unaffordable for many.

DJ Controllers

Dj controllersShould one ask any beginner regarding the obvious recording and storage choice, it is quite likely that he or she would settle for DJ Controllers. This is because of quite a few obvious reasons. Cost is perhaps the single biggest contributory factor. At $60 one could buy a decent DJ controller. The entire controller is sold as one single piece. Hence transporting becomes quite easy when compared to other options. Normally no other additional instrument would be required. Requirement of a PC or laptop, latency in JOG wheels, and size disparity in JOG wheels are some disadvantages.

Standard CD Players

cd playerWhile the above three are most commonly used, it also would be pertinent to have some idea about standard CD players. They continue to be widely used because of few advantages. They are extremely cost efficient and very user friendly. They can be used along with a wide range of players and they can also be easily ported around because of its size. The quality of music output is also quite good and the need for having a laptop can be avoided. However, there are questions about their durability and longevity.
Hence each of the above have their own unique features and the customer is the best judge when it comes to choosing.