What are the differences between DJ headphones and normal headphones?


Maybe you’re looking into buying a decent pair of DJ headphones or maybe you’re just interested in how they differ from the regular alternatives. Of course DJ headphones are more advanced than their ordinary counterparts, but what exactly are the main differences?

Quality in sound:

DJ headphones provide excellent sound quality compared to that of your regular headphones. This is essential for DJ’s as they need to be able to hear the sound clearly in order to successfully mix tracks with one another. Along with this you will notice that DJ headphones usually produce much higher volumes than ordinary headphones which completely blocks out the sound of anything else around you.

Design & Style:

DJ headphonesDJ headphones are usually full size headphones which completely surround the ears. This of course allows the DJ to closely monitor the sounds without being distracted by other loud noises. However the DJ headphones are almost always well designed and actually look really good when worn. There will often be a decent paint job on the headphones and it is possible for DJ’s to have their own headphones customized to their personal preference.

Comfort of the DJ headphones:

DJ headphones are much more comfortable than normal headphones as they have good padding around the ears. This is crucial for DJ’s as they might need to wear them for hours at a time. The last thing a DJ wants is a sore ear from wearing headphones! Along with this, the earbud’s can’t slip out of the ears constantly as they surround the whole ear.

One ear placement:

one ear DJ headphonesThe more complex mechanisms of DJ headphones allow the user to swivel ear cups around in different directions allowing for single-sided monitoring. This is good for a DJ as they can hear the sound directly through one headphone while also listening to the output in the venue. However a good benefit of this is that they can also therefore fold over and be stored much more easily.

Noise canceling:

All other noises basically can’t be heard by the DJ which allows for much more focus on the sounds. There are literally no distractions and this boosts the sound quality as there is little interference with what you hear.