What is a draw in music?


I love music – don’t you? I love that we live in a society where we can be absolutely surrounded by music. If I know I’ll be walking around town, I’ll wear my iPod Nano and do everything I need to with a beat in my ears, a bounce in my step, and a song in my heart.

If I get stopped in a traffic jam, I don’t bother with getting angry – I can’t do anything about gridlock – I just crank up the radio to some fabulous music and sing it out loud until I’m allowed to drive on.

When I see my wonderful niece and nephew, I’m amazed at the fact that no one had to tell them to dance; they’ve been dancing naturally since they were babies!


So why are we drawn to music? Neurobiology discusses how it enraptures our pleasure centres with dopamine the same way that sensations, drugs, and other stimuli effect us.

Biologists tell us about how positive vibrations have effected people since we were cavemen. Disk Jockeys know that a good beat gets us dancing like wild animals, languidly moving closer to each other until there’s no visible light between us …or causes a riot if the sound gets cut off when the tunes are really going.

Have you ever noticed that the people who say they don’t like music are more rigid? I generally use the claim as a warning because people who don’t listen to music are generally not my favorite people.

It doesn’t matter so much if we have different tastes – especially since I listen to pretty much everything at least once – but if they don’t like music AT ALL, I just don’t understand them.

To tell you the truth, I worry that something horrible must have happened to them to turn them off the source of energy, happiness, and life that music is to me.

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I used to work with landscapers during the summer and it’s interesting because some crews bring radios to the job sites and some crews are banned from listening to music. You can guess what companies I like to work for, can’t you? The ones that don’t like music think the people who hired the landscaping will be put off somehow, generally because they – themselves – are too judgmental.

They are the type of people who while shopping, when they see a store clerk humming to themselves, will approach them and say “You’re having a good time, aren’t you?” in a sanctimonious tone that actually means “You aren’t working hard enough and you should be helping me immediately!”

So a main draw to music is personality, I suppose. Just like the person you decide not to date because your pet doesn’t like them, music can indicate who you would like to associate with and what environment you would like to spend the most time in.