What is a Looper Pedal


Over the past few years, guitar loop pedals also known as “looper pedals” has increasingly become an important tool on a guitarist pedal board.

Whether you gig on stage or just play at home, whether you are an acoustic guitar player or an electric guitarist, there is a great value in having at your disposal a guitar loop pedal.

So, what is a looper pedal?

Looper3It is a fun and creative tool that enables one to explore new musical dimensions. It records passages that are played on an instrument and then plays them back in a repeating loop.

One can be able to mix loop together to come up with complex harmonies and rhythms from layers of simple parts. Typically, a loop pedal is used to come up with a backing that you play along with.

A loop pedal is operated using your feet, leaving both of your hands free to play your guitar. Instead of using the traditional box that you control using your hands, loop pedals allows a guitarist overdub features and control the looping through foot switches.

There are a variety of loop pedals, and some can even offer several different inputs to enable you also record samples with from a CD, mp3 player or with a microphone to mix with your guitar.

How can You Utilize a Looper Pedal?

1. Practicing Solos

You can record yourself playing a few easy chords progressions and use them to practice solo. You can record a few bars of the backing you are working on and loop pedal will repeat as long as you want.

2. Compose Music

It makes it easier for you to get ideas and come up with your harmonies or even compose new songs.

3. Practice Recorder.

When you are practicing and playing, you can use a loop pedal to as a convenient recorder to keep track of your progress.

4. Work on a Tricky Passage.

A loop pedal makes it simple to work on any passage in a piece of music or a song. You are able first to record a small piece of a song and use it to practice as many times as you may need.

Bottom Line

Looper2There you have it, I f by any chance you are feeling bored during your practice sessions, or you need to explore your musical dimensions, a loop pedal may just be what you need.

It is going to open creativity doors for you that you that you had no idea you had.