What Is the Best DJ Controller


Today, we bring you the million dollar question – what is the best DJ controller? To answer this question, we delved deep into today’s market and sifted through all the products it has to offer. The search was an exhausting endeavor, yet a fruitful one, as we have fetched three top-quality items that are bound to please you.

While making our picks, we took into consideration several factors, including sound quality, value for money, price, versatility, performance, durability, reliability, and more. Our thoughts have been summed up, and they patiently await in the rundown below.


Pioneer stands out as one of the top manufacturers of DJ controllers in the world, and they get to kick this party off with one of their top items – the DDJSR.

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Among the prominent features, the device utilizes a set of 16 Performance Pads provide that can provide such functions as Roll, Hot Cue, Sampler, Slicer, and many more. Additionally, the brand new batch of Pad Plus features can deliver such options as Combo FX, Trans, Hot Cue Roll, Sampler Roll, and more. The mix includes a set of large jog wheels for very precise scratching and mixing.

The item comes with a strong and sturdy casing, ensuring great durability and reliability. For the listed price, which is in the mid-range region, you will get an absolute killer product worthy of professionals.


The features we have listed above ensure that you can truly make magic with your tunes. There is an infinite numer of ways to get the party started and actually improve the song for live shows and DJ sessions. Apart from the tricks, the controller can improve the sound quality in general, ensuring that your party grooves the most.

Numark NV DJ Controller for Serato with Intelligent Dual-Display and Touch-Capacitive Knobs

Up next is the complex device known as the Numark NV. This DJ controller is top of the line stuff, but also an item aimed at pros, or at least those who know what they are doing behind the kit.

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The item is crafted for Serato audio company, featuring an intelligent dual display and a rich set of touch capacitive knobs. The controller offers great versatility through a set of various adjustment tools that will allow you to make even the most minute adjustments you’ve imagined.

We’re talking about a strong and sturdy product that is capable to sustain long hours of overtime, as well as a punch or two during transport. It comes with total dimensions of 28 x 5 x 16 inches, and a shipping weight of 11.8 pounds. As the image shows, this baby also has the looks.


The keywords here would be very smooth, very strong, and very versatile. The item packs an amazing punch that can take your DJ session not to a whole new level, but to a whole new world. If your question is what is the best DJ controller in the world right now, the answer just might be this guy.

Hercules DJ 4780730 Control Instinct USB DJ Controller with Audio Outputs


Finally, we bring you the budget friendly option known as the Hercules Instinct, the best cheap DJ controller out there. For this price, not only will you get a decent item, but a very solid and serious device.

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The item works as a two-deck controller with a set of mixing controls in the central area, and a pack of deck controls on the right and left sides. Also included in he mix are pressure detecting jog wheels, along with on-board audio outputs for mixing and previewing of your work.


It’s no Numark, but seeing that this guy costs seven times less than the listed Numark, we have to say that the Instinct offers a better value for money. Essentially, we’re talking about two or three times lower performance quality at seven times less money, and that is simply great.


Thus we have reached the end of our little journey, audio-heads! You asked what is the best DJ controller, and we have answered. Now it’s just a matter of summing up your preferences and spending budget to make the final pick. But regardless of your choice, each of these lads stands out as a type of product you cannon regret purchasing. So go on and improve your DJ routine with one of these bad boys as early as today. Highly recommended stuff!