What Kind of Guitar Does Tommy Emmanuel Play?



The day finger pickers can possibly over the world is yet to arrive, with the promising future ahead of Australian Emmanuel virtuoso guitarist William Thomas Emmanuel.

The man named greatest finger picker in the world and bestowed the title of Certified Guitar Player by the late legend Chet Atkins.

Tommy has an unsurpassable relationship with his guitar, much like married to it in terms of til death do us part. His distinctive playing style and acoustic prowess has come to be appreciated and given the recognition it deserves, and his guitar should be applauded the same.

What kind of guitar does he play that delivers naturally beautiful music? What could be his best-kept-secret? The answer we’ve got to hear from no other than Tommy Emmanuel.

He actually has 3, and its’ not surprising that he uses Australian made Maton Guitars, 2 of which are identical. Both are EBG808 models, one kept on standard tuning while the other guitar is lowered by a whole step.

They are endowed with sitka spruce tops, elegant Queensland maple necks, and incorporated with the AP5-Pro pickup that comes with an internal mic along with a piezo pickup.

MatonThe third is the remarkable Tommy Emmanuel Maton EBG808 TE signature model, featuring a similar sitka spruce top with its back and sides crafted with Queensland maple.

Tommy reveals that people often ask him what the best guitar is, and tells them that it’s the one that you don’t want to put down, and the same guitar you want to play until you die.

He adds that the right guitar elicits the feeling like you’ve finally found your voice. Choosing the right instrument is of paramount for him, probably compared to any other guitarist.

You can be certain that what he has in his hands whenever he plays is deemed as the best guitar in the world.