Who Makes The Best Drum Sets? Here Are 4 Drum Set Manufacturers To Consider


So you’ve decided that it’s the drums that you want to play. You sign up for lessons in beginner’s drumming, then get to the good part- choosing a good drum set to play in. The question is, who makes the best drum sets? What brand should you buy? Here are some of them for your consideration. These are the ones recommended by professional drummers the world over:


Best Drum Set PearlPearl makes the list as one of the most reliable manufacturers of today’s drum sets. It’s no wonder that most people who own a Pearl are raving about how great it is in terms of quality.

This brand is well-known all throughout the globe, and with good reason; the extremely awesome look is matched only by how great it sounds. Their product ranges from beginner sets to the more advanced ones, complete with bells and whistles. Pearl is known for producing such high quality sets at a very affordable price.


Best Drum Set TamaTama is a must-have brand if you are looking for top-notch, upper echelon drum sets. Rock bands and drummers swear by Tama- it has quite a long list of rock endorsers and musicians on their list.

The price is a bit higher than the affordable Pearl, but the company makes up for more than the price with its fantastic quality.

Tama’s kits are around the mid-range sets and cater mostly to professional drum sets. Overall, this brand is a great investment should you decide to go for one.


Best Drum Set YamahaYamaha is known for making a lot of musical instruments, and their expertise extends not only to drum sets, but to other equipment as well.

The company is known for merging drum kits with the latest technology, producing stellar Yamaha signature sets.

The brand excels at making these drum sets very durable, which is perfect for everyday use. Drummers pick the Yamaha because it has produces one of the best tones and bass beats.

DW (Drum Workshop)

Best Drum Set DWDW might be considered relatively new when compared to the other brands in this list, but they make their presence known by the high-end drum sets they make.

Sure, the price is on the expensive side, but each set is a masterpiece, carefully produced with attention to detail.

Innovation is the name of the game, and they stand apart from other drum set makers by offering outstanding sustain and tone in each kit, wrapped in a spectacular finish. Drum Workshop has recently entered the customization market, selling custom-made kits for the drum enthusiasts.