Yamaha Tyros 2 Review


TYROS 2 Arranger Workstation Keyboard - ReviewIf you are looking for the best arranger workstation keyboard on the market, we’d like to kindly draw your attention to the Yamaha Tyros 2, an amazing instrument coming from one of the leading manufacturers in the niche.

This item drew our attention as a stellar mixture of all the crucial ingredients – primarily sound quality and value for money, and on top of that strong build quality and sleek looks. It has a lot to offer and it is in our humble opinion that you get more sonic quality that the price tag might indicate, which is a rarity among high end products.

We would like to discuss the instrument in more detail, so feel free to proceed to our Yamaha Tyros 2 review below.

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The device primarily operates as a 61-key keyboard with an after-touch feature, but also packs a rich set of 22 different drum kits and 1,250 voices in total. You can control the sound via 640×480 color LCD display and infuse your sound with 400 different auto accompaniment styles and 120 multi-pad sequences to make the final audio output more full and rich.

Also included in the mix are seven various effect blocks, a standard mic input with a vocal harmony feature and on-board vocoder. You can also tweak the sound through a built-in sequencer and audio recorder.

Finally, the item utilizes a score display and a video output towards an external monitor, along with expandable memory and hard drive options to store all your presents and sounds.

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Now this is the strongest point of the Tyros 2 – that sound! Arrangers are occasionally known to sacrifice sound quality for the sake of versatility, but that is simply not the case with this fella.

The manufacturer really invested a whole lot of resources to make the device sound stellar on every front, meaning that regardless of which instrument groove or drum kit you opt for, you will always get absolutely the best results.

The item was tested by musicians across the globe, using severely different settings, and Yamaha always delivered a warm, punchy and strong mix, regardless of the sonic coloring.

Thanks to the Mega Voice feature, this keyboard will offer stunningly realistic sounds. Additionally, the Super Articulation feature will allow you to express every single emotion and sonic nuance you had in mind.


What We Like

Seeing that we just sang praises of this device, there is obviously a lot of stuff we like here – the sound quality is strong enough to please the pros, but ease of use also stands out as an important feature here.

While it is great to have quality sound, it is also important to be able to switch a variety of audio colors with ease, and this Yamaha does just that – you will be able to sift through an endless palette of sounds like a master thanks to a convenient LCD screen and a variety of sorting options.

We also like how sturdy this thing – perfectly capable to take a punch and continue normal operation seamlessly. Needless to say, you should treat every instrument with respect to get the best results.

And finally, we like the price. It’s definitely not a small sum, but this is one of those instruments that will have you set for life, and the sound quality and versatility contained within this guy is definitely worth even more in our humble opinion.


What We Don’t Like

We really can’t say many bad things about this device, but it has been pointed out on a few occasions that the shape could have been crafted a tad differently as the sharp edges decrease functionality a bit to some users.

Personally, we’re not fans of gray paint either, but that comes as completely irrelevant when the big points are taken into consideration, now doesn’t it?

Yamaha Tyros 2 Review – Conclusion

Overall, this is an item that we put on top of the pile when someone asks us “What is the best arranger workstation keyboard under $3000?”.

And not just that, but it easily beats some (although not all) of the models priced at $4000 and even $5000. It’s a top-notch piece of work and an option we wholeheartedly recommend to pro musicians and anyone looking for a brilliant sonic delivery.